Back to school is a bittersweet time of year. The kids are getting older and bigger and summer is ending, but also you can say buh-bye to expensive summer camps and extra hot weather. You get back to early bedtimes, but you have to pack lunches again. Well, these inventive LA parents have come up with some big new ideas and products that make the start of the school year sweet and simple.

Philosophie’s New Coconut Butters and Honeys

We’ve been fans of local mom Sophie Jaffe’s line of superfood powder blends for a long time, and her 2 new products are just in time for back to school to make lunch packing a snap. Coming in the same three varieties as the powders (Green, Cacao and Berry) the Malibu made honeys make for a great addition to nutbutter & honey sammies or swirled with some berries into yogurt. The coconut butter makes for a great addition to easy breakfasts like toast or oatmeal, since it contains nutrients like magnesium, potassium, vitamin C, iron, and lauric acid, and is packed with fiber and healthy fats that will keep little brains active and bodies nourished through a long morning at school. And we still adore the original powders that make magnificent morning or lunchtimes smoothies or yogurts. A great lunchbox or afterschool fiber and nutrient filled snack that they’ll gobble is easily made by sprinkling superfood powder on popcorn. You can find tips and recipes for lunch additions (like the popcorn, a superfood berry trail mix, or a green protein bar) on her website.

Available online:

photo credit: Philosophie

What are your local Back to School secrets? Let us know in the comment section!

—Meghan Rose

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