Move Over Ice Cream, There’s a New Scoop in Town

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Snow cones? So ‘80’s. Lemonade. Yawn. This is Venice, people. The boardwalk that walks the talk before everything east realizes it caught the wave that started here.  Individuality and innovation scent the air. Or wait. That might just be the bread pudding.

Bread pudding? Schulzies Bread Pudding. 
Jump back Jane, this one’s got all the makings of an addiction. One hundred and eight flavors over.

We can blame Sarah, the brains and baking ingénue who put the passion in the pudding and opened herself up a parlor. A pudding parlor. Grab your kids. Everybody’s going to want a scoop.

Walk with us. We know it’s winter. Walk Fast.
So we have children and children want ice cream. It’s 60-something degrees out and they don’t care, but with the wind it feels less Southern California, more South Pole. And moms.  Want. Coffee. So we head down the boardwalk until we stumble upon the intersect of picked fence and palm trees, where the Blue Bottle label beckons, and little ice cream cups call all of us, we’ve found our spot.

So what have we here? 
Schulzies Bread Pudding marries a love of devilishly good dessert, an irresistible atmosphere (scoop of handmade bread pudding and an ocean view? Hello Xanadu!) and a baking beauty that started it all. And, she has a three year old. So she knows. She knows many things, including mom things. Like how the Venice Boardwalk was previously devoid of a respectable cup of joe. Unacceptable. So like any baker worth her weight in bountiful butterscotch (one of the 10 flavors featured on any given day), Sarah Schulz started with a stellar coffee. Blue Bottle Coffee, courtesy of our culinary kin to the north, San Francisco. The first to claim L.A. distribution, the coffee gets ‘em lining up. The bread pudding puts the stamp on their lifelong loyalty.

It reminds us of…because it’s a little like. Forget it. We can’t think of one single place to compare this to.
Behind the scenes, it’s a kitchen shared by three: Farm House Kitchen (organic soups), Poke Poke (deconstructed sushi…try The Singer), and Schulzies. A reality show waiting to happen, and all the meal you can eat on any given glorious So Cal day.

Selfishly we’re psyched about this place. Because how many times have we had guests visiting, they want to visit the famous Venice Boardwalk, and we’re the naive natives without a clue what to show them. There’s the weird guy with the snake. There’s the other weird guy with the snake. This is so much better. This is worth their travels. And wherever you are, it’s worth yours.

It’s dead of winter; we’re sitting under an umbrella alternating spoonfuls of Celestial Chocolate Chunk and Salted Caramel Sutra with an ocean view and a palm tree breeze. The kids are running in circles and there’s no reason to stop them. Leave it to the Venetians to serve us up a new edible form of fabulous. It’s been a good run, fro-yo. But bread pudding by the beach just might be the new scoop.

Schulzies Bread Pudding
1827 Ocean Front Walk
Venice, Ca 90291
Open daily from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.

Will this be a stop on your next trip to the boardwalk? Share your Schulzies experience in a comment below.

— Jolie Loeb

Photos by Jolie Loeb and Sarah Schulz via Shulzies’ facebook page