Viva Les Crepe: Japanese Style Crepes, Made to Order and On the Go!

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Knives, forks, plates, saucy ice-cream and melted whipped – crepes can be bit of a messy deal for kids, especially when it comes dining etiquette. Well, here’s a different way to enjoy crepes. Visit Harajuku Crepes and you’re likely to be greeted with a shy smile and a slight wave of hand by founder and owner, Rio Hirashima. He opened his Beverly Hills Creperie in 2009 to introduce Japanese-style crepes to Los Angeles. They come wrapped up like an extra large ice cream cone stuffed with delicious treats, and best of all? Sans-untensil! Named after a hip section in Tokyo known for its cutting edge fashion and its crepe stands, Harajuku Crepes’ name is certainly apropos. Outfitted with a huge chandelier and crystals suspended from the ceiling, a huge stainless steel hood vent, bistro tables and chairs and a couch, this creperie exudes a vibe of chic Paris meets the streets of Tokyo. It’s time for you and your fam to join the Harajuku Crepe cult following!

Upon entering, you’ll find Hirashima hard at work, stooped over his crepe grills preparing made-to-order crepes that are always rolled into an easy-to-handle cone shape and filled with fresh, mostly organic ingredients. You can select from Harajuku Crepes’ menu of savory crepes like Egg, Cheese, Spinach and Tomato, Ham Salad or Tuna Salad. You can even make it a meal by adding chips or a cup of fruit. Trust us, your kiddos will find it much more exciting to eat a savory crepe than a regular, boring sandwich. Or, if they’re are in the mood for a snack or a little dessert, try one of Harajuku crepes sweet crepes like Butter Sugar or Butter Cinnamon Sugar. Feeling creative? Create a crepe of your own!

Here’s How:

  1. Select your crepe batter: Original, Green Tea, Buckwheat or Earl Grey (yes, really, Earl Grey!)
  2. Select your fruit(s): Banana, Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry, Apple, Azuki Bean
  3. Select homemade whipped cream – Um, yes please!
  4. Select your sauce: Nutella, Chocolate Sauce, Caramel Sauce, Peanut Butter, Jam
  5. Select your ice cream: Vanilla, Chocolate, Green Tea, Strawberry

You and your brood can watch Hirashima work his magic as he artfully places a dollop of crepe batter on the grill, cooks it to perfection, chops, scoops, flips and wah la! A made-to-order crepe prepared right before your eyes. Serious entertainment value!

Of course, you’re bound to get thirsty, so feel free to indulge in an array of hot or iced teas that are brewed to perfection including: Green Tea, Barley Tea, Rose Green Tea, Jasmine Oolong Tea, Earl Grey White Green Tea, Blueberry Pomegranate White Tea and Tropical Black Tea. Or, order a cup of coffee to wash that crepe down. They’ve even got your kids covered too with their offerings of organic milk and bottled beverages. Tres magnifique!

Harajuku Crepes
9405 S. Santa Monica Boulevard
Beverly Hills, Ca

— Wanda Ahmadi