These Creative Mom Inventions Will Change Your Life

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When it comes to creativity, moms have no shortage of inspiration. From unique wall art and heirloom keepsakes to pretty pet accessories, these women are making home, travel and life in general more beautiful.

photo: Super Smalls

Jewelry for All: Super Smalls

Maria Dueñas Jacobs shares a love for all things sparkly with her three girls. As a former jewelry editor, she understood why her oldest daughter Luna preferred her own jewelry to play with instead of the cheaper, kids version.  When she discovered little existed that coincided with kids' creativity and parents preference on price, she decided to create her own. So she created Super Smalls! All products in the line are for all children and include jewelry, sunglasses and hair accessories that come in amazing packaging.


photo: Little Lady Products

Premium Polishes: Little Lady Products

Mom of two Arda Tashdjian left her career in the fashion and cosmetics industries when she welcomed her children into the world. While at home, Tashdjian noticed her daughter’s growing interest in nail polish and jewelry and didn't want her wearing traditional polishes that came packed with chemicals. So, she started Little Lady Products, a lineup of long-lasting, quick-dry colors and “matching” scents made to spark creativity and play. All products are formulated without the seven major toxins and are topped with a wearable pink or blue bow ring. Little Lady Products is now carried in 275 stores and in four product showrooms.


photo: Brand Basics

Sustainable Cleaning: Branch Basics

Kelly Love, Allison Evans, and Marilee Nelson are three moms committed to making homes safer. The trio has seen first hand how real food and a non-toxic environment plays a roll with chronic health issues and recovery. The created Branch Basics, a passion project to help others live a clean life. Branch Basics best-selling multi-purpose Concentrate makes cleaning simple with a nontoxic formula that is safe for families and can be mixed with water to make a variety of cleaners, including bathroom, all-purpose, hand soap and even laundry soap. Each product is human safe, plant and mineral-based, biodegradable, non-GMO, not tested on animals and free of harmful preservatives.


photo: Plum Paper

Planning Mamas: Plum Paper

As a mom of two, Kristina is more than familiar with being able to stay on top of a busy schedule. As a naturally unorganized person, she decided to create a planner that could be customizable for everyone, removing the hard work of planning and resulting in a more productive life. Plum Paper is a mainstay in the planner community, and the company believes that each product should be unique. Made in the USA, Plum Paper offers everything you need to stay on top of life, including planners, notebooks, stickers, stationary and subscription services.


photo: Art 4 All

Batik Artwork: Art 4 All

Earning her bachelors in fine art and a masters in art education, Abby Paffrath's love for art is evident. Drawing from the nature and wildlife around her home in Jackson Hole, Paffrath uses her skills in the art of Batik to create truly unique prints and products for her company, Art 4 All. The mom of two produces beanies, hats as well as oil, acrylic and Batik artwork that is full of texture and life.


Reusable Stickers: reStickity

Jodi Falk spent over 15 years in a corporate office and managing life as a mom: alongside her oldest daughter battling pediatric cancer, moving her kids into and out of college and transitioning her parents to senior living. After experiencing the challenges of displaying pictures, she set out to produce a product that no one else had managed to do yet. Having always wanted to run her own business, Falk and her daughter created reStickity, fabric photos that don't rip or wrinkle and can be used over and over again. reStickity allow people to "display pictures of the faces, places and pets you love most on any surface regardless of the distance or life situation that separates you." 


Precious Keepsakes: Pokidots!

Louma El-Khoury Salloum, a Seattle-based fashion illustrator and author started Pokidots! as a way to display and enjoy meaningful keepsakes made from baby clothes. Rather than leave them in boxes or drawers, Salloum helps families create custom artwork as gratitude pieces for infertility journeys, turns keepsake clothes into works of art and transforms sentimental garments into heirloom pieces.


photo: Superstitchous

Heirloom Quality Blankets: Superstitchous

The idea to create a luck-themed gift-worthy product came to Samira Khoshnood years ago, but a demanding job in tech left little time or energy to make much progress. In December 2019, while on maternity leave after the birth of her son, she launched Superstitchous. After searching for heirloom quality baby blankets that compliment her decor but unable to find exactly she was looking for, she set out to design a playful yet sophisticated collection of blankets that would be used and loved by people of any age. Superstitchous blankets are illustrated with symbols of good fortune from around the world, based on traditions thousands of years old. All blankets are designed in San Francisco by Samira and made in the USA by a second-generation family-owned mill, from environmentally-friendly upcycled cotton.


photo: Kathy Vegh

Wall of Inspiration: My Heart Wall Custom Photo Wallpaper

After finishing her MBA, Kathy Vegh went back home to Cleveland to work at her father’s business—and she helped it grow it from a small family business to a multi-million dollar company. When her daughter was born with a congenital heart defect and had to undergo open heart surgery shortly after birth, Kathy was inspired to start My Heart Wall. Baby O healed and is doing well, but Kathy wanted to create something that offered commemoration and celebration. My Heart Wall creates and sells photo wallpaper while staying true to its mission to help promote support and advocacy for children born with congenital heart defects.

You can customize your wallpaper at their website and learn more about the company at

photo: Leslie Pierson

Turning Chaos into Beauty: GoodHangups

Leslie Pierson created something every mom has dreamed of: a product that brings order to the chaos. Her inspiration? The prolific creativity of her artistic 6-year-old son. Like so many moms, she hated the idea of throwing away her son’s masterpieces but was tired of the mess they made on the fridge. So she invented GoodHangups. GoodHangups MagnaStickers can be used on almost any wall surface to hang up unframed items: without a hammer, a nail or a frame! If this product seems familiar, you may have caught Leslie on Shark Tank (where she scored a deal with Lori Greiner).


Ride-On Luggage: LIL FLYER

As a mother of a 3-year-old who traveled extensively within and outside of the country, Yen Brown realized it was getting more and more difficult as her son got older. Managing a crowded airport was no easy task. She had her "ah ha" moment as she watched parents plant their kids on top of rolling suitcases to navigate the busy airport, and when Amazon didn't have what she needed, she took the task up herself. After a brainstorm session in an airport that involved several napkin sketches, the idea for LIL Flyer was born. "What If we turn it sideways and add wheels to the bottom.  We can add a seat and a safety belt and maybe some grips for our son to hold?"  For almost an entire year Brown and her husband worked with manufacturing parters and traveled the world until her dream became a reality. The result is a ride-on suitcase that is functional, and most importantly gets kids excited for travel.


photo: Pink Papyrus

Pretty Pooches: Pink Papyrus

On a routine trip to Costco one day, Christine Abdelmalek noticed a woman walking her dog as she waited at a light. According to Christine, the woman and her dog had, "Very sad and unexciting accessories." In response, she started Pink Papyrus, a pet accessory company focused on colorful, exciting, unique and fun products. Now a mom, Christine and her daughter design together! You can check out Isabella's hand at creativity for the aptly-named Isabella leash and color line.

photo: NextDesk

The Working Parent's Bestie: XDesk

Just months after co-founder of XDesk, Jamie Fertsch, left her stable job in wealth management to launch her company, she discovered she was pregnant, with twins. So Jamie called on her support system of family and friends to help her keep her company growing while juggling motherhood. It’s worked! In its second year, XDesk (then NextDesk) experienced an incredible 600% growth in demand for its motorized standing desks! These standing and flexible desks are the perfect fit for work-from-home and communal office spaces. XDesk products are all handcrafted in Austin, Texas by dedicated artisans, too, so you get quality with all that flexibility.


—Kate Loweth, Amber Guetebier, Erin Lem and Karly Wood

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