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As a busy mom, you probably can’t escape to a remote island vacation for self-care. But you can integrate healthy habits like eating foods with vitamin C, getting enough exercise and even trying essential oils. We’ve put together a list of simple ways you can keep yourself healthy and, hopefully, even find your own slice of paradise every day. Read on to see them all.

1. Exercise. Even if an hour-long cardio workout isn’t your jam, a 20-minute weights session, a walk with a fellow mom, or some jumping jacks while watching Netflix are all ways to squeeze in time to exercise daily for better all-around health. Check out these easy fitness hacks that busy moms swear by.

2. Get your daily dose of vitamin C. We all know moms don’t have time to get sick! Try 15 of the best vitamin C recipes to stave off colds and keep you in tip-top shape.

3. Don’t forget your daily multivitamin. When it comes to picking a daily multivitamin that’s good for your body and tastes good to boot, turn to MyBite Hers, a delicious chocolatey daily multivitamin with caramel and peanuts that’s vegetarian, gluten-free and nothing artificial. Inside each bite are essential vitamins and nutrients specifically geared towards women, including B vitamins for metabolism support and vitamin D to help keep your bones and teeth strong. Buy yours here.

4. Stay SuperMom by eating superfoods. Eat foods that pack a nutrient-rich punch by including them in everything from smoothies to desserts. These recipes boast superfood ingredients you can serve up daily.

5. Eat healthy snacks to keep up your energy. You tote nibbles all day long for your kids … so toss some healthy snacks in your bag for yourself too––to stave off hunger pangs and a case of the grumpies all around!

6. Meditate/spend time alone. You don’t need a mountaintop or a serene beach … just a quiet space for even one to five minutes is all it takes to check your inner state of being and hit the reset button. Read our meditation guide to get started.

7. Make time for self-care. Moms tend to lose themselves in raising kids and family obligations. Try to carve out even a few minutes each day to do something you enjoy––get a pedicure or frozen yogurt, write in a gratitude journal, watch your favorite TV show or treat yourself to a bite of chocolatey goodness in the form of a MyBite vitamin. Their Women’s Multivitamin is a small indulgence of chocolate, caramel and peanuts you can treat yourself to every day. And with only 25 calories and 3 grams of sugar per bite, MyBite Vitamins is the perfect habit to integrate into your daily self-care routine.

8. Ditch the mom guilt. Squash the voice in your head that sometimes tells you you’re not doing a good enough job. Kiss the mom guilt goodbye—kiss and hug your kids instead. Here’s how.

9. Maintain healthy boundaries/learn to say no. If you say no to extra things you can’t or don’t want to add to your plate, the world will keep spinning. Don’t get caught in the whirlwind of “busy” by overcommitting. It’s a slippery slope that can lead to exhaustion and resentment. No mom has time for that.

10. Only say “yes” to things you really want to do. If #8 makes you wonder what you should say yes to, take into account how you feel when presented with the option. Of course, there will always be things we need to do in life that we may not be jazzed about, but when it comes to the optional stuff, go with your heart and your gut and only say yes if it makes you feel happy and invigorated doing so.

11. Make yourself a priority. Moms put everyone else’s needs first, but what if once a day you took your own needs into account? Don’t know where to start? Here are 51 ways to make yourself a priority.

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12. Feed your mind & nourish your soul by listening to podcasts. Listen up … while you’re cleaning the house, walking the dog or sitting in the carpool lane––the value of a good podcast cannot be underestimated. You can find a podcast that speaks to you on nearly any topic. Listening to podcasts together is also a great way to keep kiddos sane on longer car trips.

13. Limit or ditch social media. Theodore Roosevelt said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” Social media tends to make everyone else’s lives look perfect. Consider greatly limiting or ditching social media altogether (even as a week-long trial) to see if your happiness improves because you’re not playing the comparison mind game. The time you’ll save not looking at your phone can be used to do something else on this list!

14. Practice gratitude. Gratitude is a practice that when done daily becomes a habit. Oprah says there’s “no joy without gratitude.” Here are ways to incorporate gratitude into your daily life.

15. Don’t yell at your kids. Aside from the fact that it makes you feel lousy, yelling doesn’t even work and studies say it makes you look weak. So save your sanity, and spare yourself the headache by taking a different approach to getting your point across.

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16. Laugh. Did you know that laughing reduces stress hormones and even burns calories? Find a reason (or many reasons) to share a big belly laugh with your friends, family, kids or even laugh alone at your favorite comedian or sitcom.

17. Stop trying to do it all. It may seem hard to believe your kids are no longer as dependent on you, but outsourcing chores to them and teaching them to do many things themselves will not only lighten your load, it will help them become more responsible and self-efficient.

18. Streamline your inner circle/support system. Friends and family should be non-toxic sources of support. If your inner circle includes people who judge, belittle or misguide you, it’s time to reconsider whose energy you let into your life.

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19. Stay hydrated throughout the day. Cheers to you! It sounds basic, but it’s vital to stay hydrated to avoid fatigue and a host of other health issues. Start your day with an immunity-boosting drink like this wellness tea, and carry a full water bottle with you throughout the day so you drink plenty of fluids. This is such an easy habit to implement, and it will make a world of difference.

20. Diffuse and use essential oils. Breathe it in, mama. It’s nearly effortless to incorporate essential oils into your daily routine. Essential oils can aid in relieving everything from a headache to a bad mood. Diffuse essential oils in your home or take a soak in an essential oil bath. You’ll find an oil for nearly every purpose and to relieve a multitude of ailments. They are truly a wonderful addition to everyday life.

21. Put the kids to bed earlier for better health. This is a win-win! Kids who get more sleep AND their moms are healthier thanks to an earlier bedtime. Finish those night-night stories and those last drinks of water so you get some much-deserved R&R once the littles are tucked in.

—Beth Shea

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