If you’re planning to make some changes for 2019, you’re not alone. According to data from Google by iQuanti, there are a handful of common resolutions that most people aim to achieve in the New Year. Besides sharing the most popular New Year’s resolutions, another thing we all have in common? Not following through with them.

Researchers at the University of Scranton found that just eight percent of people will achieve their New Year’s resolutions in 2019. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible—and with a good plan to help you follow through and a little family teamwork you can make positive change a reality.

Here are the top five most popular New Year’s resolutions and our best tips on how to achieve them in 2019!

Get Healthy


As the number one most popular New Year's resolution, we've got your back to make getting healthy a priority for you and your family this year.

1. Introduce your kids to healthier eating choices with recipes that will get them to eat their veggies.

2. Whip your family dinners into shape with our 30 easy recipes for a healthy New Year.

3. Avoid the dreaded cold and flu season with these dishes packed with vitamin C.

Get Organized


What better time than now to get your New Year organized?

1. Fight that case of mom brain with this smart organizational system that will make sure you never misplace your keys and phone again.

2. If the clutter just got worse with the addition of new holiday gifts, try these IKEA hacks to get your house organized without spending a ton of money. (These clever LEGO storage hacks will save your bare feet, too.)

3. Get your kitchen into shape for all that healthy cooking you plan to do with these simple kitchen organizational hacks.

Live Life to the Fullest

Pexels via Pixabay

It might seem like there's never enough time to do it all, so here are our tips to help maximize your family time in 2019.

1. Help your entire family spend more time together and less time staring at screens with this genius screentime device from TechDen.

2. Fill all that quality time with plenty of outdoor activities, like a trip to the beach that can have some amazing health benefits.

3. Plan an unforgettable family vacation with just one dollar. Not sure where to go? Check out these best new attractions for kids in 2019.

Start a New Hobby

Yuba Bikes

As much as we'd love "get the kids to school on time" to qualify as a hobby, now's a good time to delve into your interests to rev up your self-care game this year.

1. Start a new hobby you can enjoy right alongside your kids with these incredible LEGO sets made just for grown-ups.

2. Family bike rides are a great hobby you can all enjoy together, start with these simple tips to get your tots cruising on two wheels.

3. Find some time to actually finish an entire book with these mini flipback books you can read anywhere, from the school drop-off line to soccer practice.

Spend Less & Save More


Kids are expensive—but here's how you can save big in the New Year.

1. That diaper bill can get pricey, but it doesn’t have to be. With the new DYPER subscription service, not only will you spend less on diapers, but you’ll be saving the planet too. Total win-win.

2. Keep your house clean and save plenty of money with budget-friendly Brandless that offers non-toxic cleaning products all four just $3 each.

3. Spending less doesn’t mean giving up on fun. Major events, like kids’ birthday parties, can still be amazing without breaking the bank.

—Shahrzad Warkentin



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