SNL Star Pete Davidson is once again in the spotlight, and for a great reason. In a recent sketch on the weekly comedy show, the comedian-turned-rapper taps into a problem we parents all have as we get older: we can’t manage to stay up late enough to watch a long movie.

Sure, we all love a little Netflix and chill, but when that movie breeches the two hour mark, you’ll more than likely to find us snoozing instead of watching. That’s why all we’re asking for is “a really short movie, like at most an hour 40.” We’ll let Pete Davidson do the rest of the explaining in the video below.

We have to admit one of the funniest lines is about how “you won’t be getting any yeses if you roll up to the crib with one of those double VHS’s.” So…we can finally throw away that collector set of The Titanic?

While the video definitely takes the funny angle to just how difficult it can be to get through anything longer than 120 minutes as an adult, it looks like the the execs at Netflix took it pretty seriously. After the SNL episode debuted, the Netflix Is a Joke Twitter account tweeted that they agreed with SNL, with a link to a brand new “short as movies” category on the streaming provider!

And parents rejoiced. Not only can we get in a quick flick before bed, but we can also pick the shortest films for the kiddos, too!

There are plenty of categories for all type of movie goer. Choose from scary, popular, psychological thrillers, raunchy comedies, action thrillers, romance, favorites and more. Each category comes with a nice mix of recent and classic films––all under that dreaded two hour mark.

The move from Netflix comes at a nice time as we emerge from the pandemic. Where we once sought out long-form shows and lengthy movies to get us through days of quarantine, that time is slowly coming to an end.

So whether you’re queuing up a flick for the kids or a post-bedtime chill sesh, when you pick something from the Short Ass Movies category, you guaranteed to still get to bed by nine.



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