Party like it’s midnight—even when it’s really only 8 p.m

Those excited faces as your kids shout “Five! Four! Three! Two! One!” as the midnight ball drop are adorable—but there’s nothing cute about the next day when they’re exhausted. Thankfully Netflix’s New Year’s countdowns for kids are back and better than ever to help you welcome 2024 without sacrificing bedtime. For even more fun, check out our favorite ideas for celebrating New Year’s Eve at home. 

The Netflix New Year’s countdown offerings include a whopping 13 different countdowns featuring some of Netflix’s most popular shows, like Skylanders Academy, Super Monsters, and Boss Baby. The new countdowns also include several tailored for tweens.

To check out what Netflix’s New Year’s countdown might look like, check out the promo for 2019.

Each of the on-demand countdowns will be available to stream starting soon, so you can even pre-screen them to decide which one will make for the best New Year’s Eve bash. All you have to do is search “countdowns.” Easy peezy!



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