New IVF Treatment Promises No More Needles & It’s Pretty Incredible

There’s news in the world of fertility medicine! A new needle-free IVF treatment is ready to make its grand debut. And it’s going to take away those annoying pinches and punctures for good. NYC’s New Hope Fertility Center is now offering their patients the chance to choose a new type of IVF — minus the needles. So what does this needle-free IVF treatment look like and does it really work? Well… we’ve got a few answers for you.

Who can use needle-free IVF? Um, the answer depends on what your doc has to say. But this option is kind of perfect for women who have serious needle fears. Imagine having to stick yourself over and over again, even though needles make you more than anxious. Or maybe you don’t have to imagine it. Maybe this is you. In any case, New Hope Fertility Center’s eliminates the need to stress over needles.

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How does IVF work without the shots, needles and injections? Oh yeah, and the blood draws? Instead of injectable fertility meds, patients can take oral medication to stimulate their ovaries. Along with the oral prescriptions (typically Clomid), a nasal spray is used 36 hours before the egg retrieval process to trigger ovulation. Other needle-free med options include oral progesterone tablets and vaginal progesterone suppositories.

Um, but what about all of those blood tests? Forget about it. The needle-free method uses urine and saliva tests to measure hormone levels.

Even though the needle-free IVF treatment may produce fewer eggs than the injection-based version, it’s often the quality and not the quantity (of eggs) that’s important when trying to conceive.

What do you think about IVF without needles? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

—Erica Loop



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