Sure, the label “Power Mom” can be a bit intimidating — especially in this city. (Do they sleep? Have talons? What’s the deal?) But we promise, after reading about this group of awesome, accomplished women, even the most wary among you will feel pumped. Representing fields ranging from design, media, education, science, fashion, finance and beyond — and often possessing a killer entrepreneurial streak — these ladies are inspiring examples of sisters doin’ it for themselves, while also making family a priority. (Oh, but “Work/Life” balance? They all kind of call B.S. on that concept, and offer their own take on it.) Click through to meet your new lady-crushes!

Tina Roth Eisenberg, CEO & Founder, Tattly; Creator, Creative Mornings/TeuxDeux/Friends/swissmiss

We dare you to find a more effective multi-hyphenate creative in NYC. It's not even that Tina Roth Eisenberg does a lot of things, or that she does a lot of things well. It's that she does so many cool and inspiring things really, really well. The project of hers you're likely most familiar with is Tattly, a temporary tattoo company inspired by the less-than-inspiring designs of the ephemeral ink her daughter Ella, 10, started coming home wearing five years ago. A designer originally from Switzerland (hence the name of her blog, swissmiss), Roth Eisenberg has seen several side projects organically develop into businesses, including a global breakfast lecture series for the creative community Creative Mornings; a to-do app called TeuxDeux, and a coworking space for creatives dubbed Friends. Yet another "project" of hers is son Tilo, six.

Yet Another Reason To Like Her: She and her son love to draw together, and he even has a YouTube channel where he teaches you how to draw. She and Ella recently started cooking together, "pretty much because we started following videos on Instagram." A recent transplant to Fort Greene, Roth Eisenberg became so enchanted with stoop life that she gave hers its own hashtag on Instagram. (#brooklyntreehousestoop)

Work/Life: "I get up super early and get a lot done while my kids are still sleeping. This allows me to not have to work late. I try to never work on weekends. Family time is sacred. I sometimes drop balls, I am not proud of it. But I had to learn that there is only so much I can get done. I recently managed to not be so hard with myself,  which is obviously way easier when you work for yourself and set your own deadlines."

photoCatalina Kulczar

Who’s the Power Mom in your life? (Besides you or your spouse, of course.) Sing her praises in the comments below!

— Mimi O’Connor

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