Eat & Run: 14 Playgrounds with Kid-Friendly Lunch Spots Nearby

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New York City parents need playgrounds as much as they need air: to stave off the tedium of our apartments and give kids a chance to roam. But when your closest playground starts to feel like your backyard and your neighborhood starts to feel like your living room, its time to cross some borders. With this handy guide, a visit to a new playground comes complete with a great bite to eat because after all of that running, swinging, sliding and climbing, your kid is sure to work up an appetite.

<h3>Play at DeSalvio Playground, Eat at Parm</h3> The basketball court is the bonus of this one-jungle gym, one-sprinkler playground, where older sports buffs can play ball while younger ones climb and slide. While you’re there, call Parm (212-993-7189), the sandwich shop by Torrisi, which is on Mulberry just down the street, and order some juicy, tender meatball parms to go. They’ll be ready in about 20 minutes, at which point, you can bring them back and have a feast at one of the playground’s four picnic tables. <strong>Go:</strong> DeSalvio Playground, Spring St. between Mulberry St. and Mott St.; <a target="_blank" href="; target="_blank">Parm</a>, 248 Mulberry St., Nolitafuck

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All images by Anna Knoebel

–Anna Knoebel