Prospect Park’s newest playground doesn’t have swings, slides or a jungle gym, but your kids won’t miss the traditional equipiment. Instead, this playground offers plenty of good ol’ fashioned play-in-the-woods kind of fun. The just opened, Donald and Barbara Zucker Natural Exploration Area is a unique park play space filled with recycled logs to climb, paths to explore, sand to sift and even a water feature. Click through the following slideshow to see highlights of the innovative Prospect Park Natural Playground.

Plenty of Opportunities for Unstructured Play

Within the Natural Exploration Area kids are encouraged to follow paths through the wooded areas. They'll also find a large sandbox area, that isn't littered with leftover buckets and shovels - hands, sticks and the like are good enough for sifting and moving sand here so far. One log has been fashioned with a water pump so kids can power water to flow down it. Kids will also find ample opportunities for tag, hide and seek and imaginative play here. Grassy spots even offer a place for spreading out a blanket for picnics or baby playdates.

— Julie Seguss

All photos by Julie Seguss

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