Prospect Park’s newest playground doesn’t have swings, slides or a jungle gym, but your kids won’t miss the traditional equipiment. Instead, this playground offers plenty of good ol’ fashioned play-in-the-woods kind of fun. The just opened, Donald and Barbara Zucker Natural Exploration Area is a unique park play space filled with recycled logs to climb, paths to explore, sand to sift and even a water feature. Click through the following slideshow to see highlights of the innovative Prospect Park Natural Playground.

Explore Nature, See Nature

Because this playground is set in a more natural area of the park, and (so far at least) isn't over run with kids, take a moment to look for wildlife with your children. Woodpeckers seem to have made a home among the artistically painted branches in the park and squirrels, chipmunks and even a rabbit have been seen scampering nearby.

— Julie Seguss

All photos by Julie Seguss

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