When it comes to feeding hungry kiddos, every mother fits the term Power Mom. But these women are taking the power up a notch by doing awesome work in the food industry. They are helping to feed hungry kids, creating a honey alternative to save bees, inventing a new toddler sippy cup and making it possible for moms to breastfeed while away from home. Click through the slideshow to see how these women are powering up the food industry.

Leena Saini, Author of “Around the World in 80 Pures”

Leena Saini has spent the last four years writing, cooking and creating Around the World in 80 Purees: Easy Recipes for Global Baby Food. Before that, however, she was a civil defense litigation attorney in upstate New York. When her mother passed away, Leena decided she needed a change. After getting married and having two daughters, she decided to be at stay-at-home mom. When her eldest daughter refused to eat anything bland as a baby, she was inspired to create flavorful recipes for babies. She started a food blog, and recently published her first cookbook, which shows foodie parents how to bring global cuisine to the high chair. The book features 100 pures including Mango Saffron Puree (India), Rosewater Vanilla Smoothie (Middle East), Pastina with Parmesan and Nutmeg (Italy), and Pumpkin Millet Porridge (Russia). This Central New Jersey mom loves cuddling with her kiddos on the couch with a blanket and some snacks, reading their favorite books or coloring.

Proudest Accomplishments: “I am proud to have finally found a career I am passionate about! And proud to have written a cookbook while still caring for two small children. Not having a background in publishing or the food industry, it took that much more effort and persistence to find an agent and publisher who believed in my mission of teaching young children to eat well and with diversity. I started over, career-wise, from scratch, later in life and there were plenty of times I thought the dream of publishing a cookbook wouldn’t come true.”

photo courtesy of Leena Saini

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—Leah R. Singer

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