When it comes to feeding hungry kiddos, every mother fits the term Power Mom. But these women are taking the power up a notch by doing awesome work in the food industry. They are helping to feed hungry kids, creating a honey alternative to save bees, inventing a new toddler sippy cup and making it possible for moms to breastfeed while away from home. Click through the slideshow to see how these women are powering up the food industry.

Ruth Solari, Founder of SuperFood Drive

Ruth Solari is the Founder and Executive Director of SuperFood Drive, a non-profit committed to improving the health of food insecure Americans. The organization works with and supports food banks and food pantries around the nation to transform them into healthy hunger relief organizations. This Lafayette, CA mom to 10-month old, Sage Sophia, is proud to work every day to make a difference on a national level to improve the health of those who do not have enough to eat. Before founding SuperFood Drive in 2009, Ruth worked for a Corporate Wellness company and for the Public Health department as a nutrition education specialist. When she’s not working to end hunger, Ruthi is acutely aware that her moment-to-moment state of being and actions are what will influence Sage much more anything she ever says to her daughter. She tires hard to be a compassionate, generous, honest, adventurous and fun person in her daughter’s eyes.

Proudest Accomplishment: “In 2013, on my birthday, I summited Mt. Shasta with my husband. It was my first mountaineering expedition with an ice ax and crampons and the whole bit. It was very challenging and so rewarding. The experience was more than reaching the summit; I was in awe of the majestic mountain and the strength I was able to access within myself."

photo courtesy of Ruthi Solari

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—Leah R. Singer

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