Real Mom Review: No Slippy Hair Clippy

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Looking for barrettes and clips that actually stay in your little girl’s hair? From no-slip headbands to French clips, No Slippy Hair Clippy has a vast variety of hair accessories that are specifically created to stay in fine hair of any length for women of all ages. Prices vary from $2.95 –  $24.95.

Emilie F., Joanna B., Kristiana T. and Jennifer A. volunteer Red Tricycle readers tried the No Slippy Hair Clippy clippettes  and reviewed them for us in 6 quick questions.

1. What do you like about No Slippy Hair Clippy products?

Jennifer A: My favorite thing about them is their selection of beautiful velvet lined products and accessories!  They offer a variety of clips and bows in different colors, sizes and styles, from baby bows and clipettes to flowers and head bands.

Joanna B: We certainly did like the hair clips! The thing I love about the products is how beautiful they look on my girl. I like the different textures as well. I could tell it was a well thought out, good product.

Emilie F: I love the selection of the No Slippy Hair Clippy’s! They also stay in well, as long as my daughter doesn’t pull them out! There are so many fun options to choose from.

Kristiana T: The no-slip grips on the barrettes

2. Which item was your favorite ?

Jennifer A: My favorite item was the Heather head band in white.  This satin headband is simple and sparkly, with its iridescent gemstones, and is a great way to accessorize!  The white flower on the headband is soft and the perfect size to add the finishing touch to any outfit.

Joanna B: My favorite item was the black headband bow. I don’t know why. . . I guess because it’s so fancy it, and all the products can jazz up any ole outfit.

Emilie F: My favorite item that we received  was the pink dottie style. Pretty much everything my daughter wears has pink in it so it matches perfectly and the size is just right for her tiny little head and fine hair.  I also loved the strawberry one, because, well, it was just adorable!

Kristiana T: The red bow with white polka dot barrette.

3. What style does your daughter like best?

Jennifer A: My daughter loved all the bows, but the pair of clipettes was her favorite.  These clips were fun with the lime green polka dots and perfect for wearing mini pigtails!

Joanna B: My daughter likes any of the simple clips, whatever I can slip into her hair fast and then she can forget it’s even there.

Emilie F: My daughter’s favorite was of course, the biggest and flashiest. The one we received was the Kaya and she loved wearing it around the moment it arrived in the mail!

Kristiana T: She doesn’t seem to show a preference.

4. Do they really stay when put in your daughter’s hair?

Joanna B: The clips do stay on!

Emilie F: They do stay in her hair actually! She is prone to ripping them out so I have better luck with the smaller styles that she forgets are there.  They don’t seem to bother her though and never fall out on their own!

Kristiana T: The Xoxo barrette stayed in the hair but did not keep hair in place.  The red bow with white polka dots and butterfly barrette did stay.  The brown flower clip stayed in the hair.  I put it on over a rubber band ponytail to dress it up.  My daughter’s hair was too long and slippery for the headband to stay secure.

5. Would you recommend No Slippy Hair Clippy products to a friend?

Jennifer A: I would highly recommend any and all of these clips to my friends.

Joanna B: I would recommend No slippy Hair Clippy products because they are true to their word. They are cute and stay in your girls hair. I do wish they were cheaper though, I would feel guilty spending 8 bucks on a hair clip that I could probably whip up myself.

Emilie F: I would be very likely to recommend to a friend.  I love the adorable styles!

Kristiana T: Sure

6. Would You wear a No Slippy Hair Clippy product?

Jennifer A: I would even consider wearing No Slippy Hair Clippy products for a special occasion or even an everyday clip.  I especially like the Josselyn and Kaitlyn pinch clips in black.

Joanna B: I would probably wear one if it were a little more subtle, but the bright fun clippies work for children.

Emilie F: Good question! Depends on the style but I could see myself wearing a leopard print clipette.

Kristiana T: Sure, the more age appropriate designs.

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