15 Reasons Why Moms Need Friends

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In the trenches of motherhood, it helps to have friends. Ideally, it’s someone who’s probably a mom herself and who you’ll still want to be friends with when the diaper slinging days are done. Just in case you need a few good reasons to go out there and get yourself a tribe (or remember why you love yours), we’ve rounded up our top 15 reasons why moms need friends.

friends cocktails photo boothphoto: Tess Dixon via flickr

1. Because when the power goes out, you need someone to come and rescue all that frozen breast milk.

2. Because they tell you when you have an “I Voted” sticker on your shirt from November… in April.

playgroupphoto: Ted Johnson via flickr

3. Because an hour with your bestie is so much cheaper than an hour with a therapist.

4. Because they can listen to you vent and still know that you love all the people you’re venting about.

IMG_2476photo: S. Massey

5. Because you need someone who knows your schedule if you have to pass the baton when a kid gets sick, a day gets rough, or a car gets a flat.

6. Because sometimes the nurse on-call isn’t that friendly and sounds a little unsure of herself.

16333264816_f9e1c5530d_zphoto: Richard Elzey via flickr

7. Because someone has to hold your fashion sense accountable.

8. Because one can not sustain on chicken nuggets and macaroni forever. A fun meal at the newest restaurant opening with your mom friend should hold you over for a while.

twistwinephoto: S. Massey

9. Because a bottle of wine tastes a lot better when you share it with friends.

10. Because someone has to remind you that life isn’t just about diapers, bottles and Daniel Tiger.

11. Because every once in a while you need to be reminded of what your real first name is.

friends mom friends photo: Pepe Pont via flickr 

12. Because sometimes when you can’t go forth into the real world, you need a lifeline to drop in with caffeine and a smile to share.  

13. Because when you finally get a date night on the books or land a job interview, you realize that your dresses all have stains and you need to shop in someone else’s closet. 

5370811691_e2cdc1dbe0_zphoto: Selmer van Alten via flickr 

14. Because you are outnumbered. 

15. Because friends don’t judge. When you haven’t taken a shower, when your house is a mess, when your kids are a mess, when you haven’t slept in days and when you show up to school pickup with baby vomit all over your shoulder, they’ll still claim you as their own. 

How do you get by with a little help from your friends? Tell us in the comments section below!

—Shelley Massey, Kristina Moy, Amber Guetebier, Gabby Cullen, and Ayren Jackson-Cannady

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