We’ve all been there: you spend time and money finding the perfect basket, only to have your kiddos gather eggs in their Halloween bucket. This year, ditch the cheap-o weave and try one of these seven enticing alternatives that keep on giving long after the hunt. Scroll down for inspiration!


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1. The Living Basket

Turn a simple easter basket into something verdant with a little soil, seeds and lining. Once the grass is sprouted you can nestle a few eggs and treats inside. Start this one a couple weeks before Easter (you can do it all indoors) to be sure your grass is long enough by the big day. Get our complete how-to here

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2. Flower Power

Find a pot and fill it up: a simple terracotta pot filled with seeds, gloves, a spade, a kid’s book about gardening and even paints for the kiddos to gussy up the pot themselves all make great additions. Or pick up some plants, pots and a few tiny things to start your own fairy garden, nestle them in the basket with some seeds and Easter treats and watch their eyes light up!

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3. Bike Basket Bonanza

This one does double-duty: it serves as an awesome catch-all for those Easter Bunny surprises and it encourages the kids to get active and get outside. In fact, once you trick out their bikes with a sweet basket, it will be hard to get your kiddos to stop riding. If the kiddos already have a nice basket, you can still use it: make a Easter bike ride part of your family tradition.

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4. Put It Chair

It doesn’t get much simpler than this. If your house is overflowing with baskets and toys but you still want the kiddos to have a special find, try setting up a chair with a sweet little stuffed animal and a few eggy-treats. What makes it extra nest-like is the faux fur, but even a cozy blanket will do. (Although you have our full permission to purchase faux fur or a plush new throw!).

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5. Sandy Surprise

With summer fun right around the corner, get the kiddos jazzed for beach play by filling a sand bucket with toys, gardening gear and a chocolate bunny or two. You an also consider a small inflatable pool (especially if you have two kids) and fill it up with gear for the warmer weather.

photo: A Few Shortcuts

6. Build-a-Basket

If you build it, they will grin! Pull out the LEGO bricks after they’ve gone to bed and get building: you’re going to create a basket shape. Once you’ve completed it, add some minifigs to plastic eggs (wow them with these mega-cool DIY gold ones from A Few Shortcuts) and tuck in a cool new LEGO City book. Bam!

Want ideas on some candy-free Easter Basket fillers? Click here for our ideas.

—Amber Guetebier


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