The Bay Area is home to heavy hitters of every stripe, from tech to sports to food. And it’s no surprise (to us, at least) that many of the people who make this city great are ambitious, creative, multitasking moms whose families have inspired them to aim higher and excel in their fields. We highlight a few of our favorite Bay Area Power Moms right here—click through to see them all!

Ayesha Curry, Author and Chef 

This mother and entrepreneur has been solidly reigning as THE Bay Area power mom since her MVP-collecting husband, Steph Curry, put their family in the spotlight with a record-breaking streak of Warriors wins (including a championship). But Ayesha is far from the typical ball-player's wife. While Steph punched the clock on the court, Ayesha has built her own food and lifestyle empire, all while tending to their two girls, Riley (3) and Ryan (1). Her cooking career started to heat up back in 2014 when she started posting cooking demonstrations on her Youtube channel, Little Lights of Mine. By 2016 she was BFFs with chef Michael Mina, and the two recently collaborated on the pop-up restaurant International Smoke at The Mina Test Kitchen. Her cookbook,  The Seasoned Life: Food, Family, Faith and the Joy of Eating Well just came out in September and features more than 100 recipes, plus a peek into what life at home looks like for the Bay Area's first family. Of course, her very own reality show—Ayesha's Homemade—is in the works, but expect it to be more substance than salaciousness, as this devoted Christian is about as anti-Kardashian as it gets.

Proud Moment:  "Making the NYT bestseller’s list."

Words of Wisdom: "Get on the floor and play with your kids! Cook with your kids!"

Do you know any Bay Area Power Moms who should be included on this list? Tell us in the comments below!

–Erin Feher

All images courtesy of the subjects unless otherwise noted.

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