Gourmet’s Not Just for Grown-Ups

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If you crave the scenery and relaxation of wine country, there’s good news. You don’t need to hire a babysitter before you take the drive – you can bring the kids along! With Scientopia, the Clayhouse, and lots of other fun stuff popping up in Napa Valley, parents are paying attention.

There’s also no shortage of good food for kids in this town. The Little Gourmet beckons the young ones from its magical spot by the Napa River. It’s a restaurant designed with the kids in mind – they can rock to playful reggae and folk tunes while they munch, and they’ll feel right at home alongside the toy-filled shelves in the restaurant or wandering the spacious outdoor courtyard.

Best of all, there’s plenty for them to point at on the menu. Here, healthy, well-prepared eats are also lots of fun. The problem will be deciding between the B.A.T.man (Bacon, Avocado, Tomato) Sandwich, the Avocado Frog Dip with a Cheesy Quesadilla, pasta in a wagon, “Snakes and Worms”, or mashed potatoes in a boat. Best of all, the grown-up menu is packed with sophisticated fare like braised short ribs or shrimp salad with avocado, and there’s a selection of more experimental dishes for older kids, too. Time to train those palates!

The Little Gourmet is located on 1040 Main Street in Napa.