5 Seattle-Area Travel Blogs to Follow… If You Can Catch ‘Em!

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We’re back with more of our favorite Seattle-area blogs, written by local moms (did you catch our creative mom bloggers edition?) but this time, we’ve got our carry-ons packed, we’ve put an entire paycheck worth of gas in our SUV, and the kids are prepped with enough goodies from the dollar bins at Target to last them at least, well, 18 minutes. It’s time to explore and these moms are leading the way! These Seattle-area bloggers are taking us around the Northwest and beyond with travel-focused content that will have you itching for a weekend adventure out of the city. Beyond all of the insider tips they have about discovering those new-to-us places, we’re hooked on watching how they travel with kiddos in tow and are inspired by their gusto to expose them to the world outside of Seattle (we hear there is one?). Now, where did we put that backpack leash that we bought as soon as we found out we were pregnant?

Walking on Travels

A philosophy that we fully support here at Red Tricycle, Walking on Travels shows parents, contrary to popular belief, travel and kids don't have to be mutually exclusive parts of your life! Written by Seattle mom, Keryn, you're going to experience some serious wanderlust reading this blog -- just go ahead and start packing your bags for your next travel adventure now. Seriously. Before you even click-through. Find it: <a target="_blank" href="http://walkingontravels.com&quot; target="_blank">walkingontravels.com</a>fuck

Which Seattle mom blogs are you stalking? Share with us in the comments below and keep your eye out for more mom blog features in the coming weeks!

— Katie Kavulla

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