Spruce Street School

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259At Spruce Street School (K-5), you won’t see rows of desks with bored kids gazing out the window, wishing for freedom. But you will see kids cooking, reading, discussing, questioning, doing yoga, playing marimba, speaking Spanish, practicing plays, and enjoying the amazing rooftop playground. The only elementary school in downtown Seattle, Spruce Street’s strong academic program is led by its exceptional math program, and that reputation goes arm in arm with the school’s focus on community and social skills. Eighty-five students attend the school, in multi-age classrooms, with a student to teacher ratio of only nine to one. The small size allows for plenty of individual attention, and Spruce Street’s teachers are a dedicated group who re-shape their curriculum based on the needs of children. Spruce Street is a place where kids learn to value their small community, and to support the city with service projects. Lessons are approached from a standpoint of relevance; for instance, a group of the school’s youngest students studied Japanese myths and then performed plays based on them for Seattle elders of Japanese descent. Graduates of the school go on to all of the city’s public and private middle schools, where they continue to build upon the foundations laid by Spruce Street’s excellent elementary education.

Spruce Street School
914 Virginia St.