Common Mom Ailments & How to Solve Them

From the minute you find out you’re going to be a mom, a whole new world of hopes, dreams, preparations and changes opens up to you. But that’s not all! There is one more common denominator moms share—a fresh set of aches and ailments, from a sore neck to back pain and more. Keep reading for our list of common #momproblems and the home remedies that can take the edge off.

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Problem: Headaches

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Solution: You may have experienced headaches during your pregnancy, but that doesn’t mean they ended there. If you’re a mama who experiences frequent migraines or the occasional pain behind the eyes, or in your temples, one of the best home remedies is a cold pack. Freeze a cold compress to apply to your problem area, or at the very least, stick a wet washcloth in the fridge for 10 minutes if you need a quicker alternative. You can also try the scents of essential oils like peppermint, lavender and eucalyptus to relieve head pain.

Problem: Brain Fog AKA "Mom Brain"

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Solution: Since you’ve had kids, your mind has been constantly buzzing. Worrying about feeding times, doctor’s visits, baby’s milestones, who’s going to soccer practice and whether or not you’re in charge of snacks this week. Mixed with a healthy dose of exhaustion and you’ve got yourself quite the case of Mom Brain! What helps? Meditation. The different types (IE. Breath Awareness Meditation) can help reduce anxiety and clear your thoughts.

Problem: Postpartum Hair Loss

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Solution: This is one side effect of pregnancy that not many people warn you about! To help reduce hair loss, you can make a hair mask by mixing one egg white and two to three tablespoons of olive oil and applying it to your hair for 30 minutes before rinsing. Moms with this common issue can also soak fenugreek seeds in water overnight and apply the water from the mixture to your scalp. As a bonus, fenugreek helps promote healthy hair, and it’s breastfeeding friendly!

Problem: Backache

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Solution: Picking up your toddler (or infant!) can be hard on a mom’s back, especially when we repeat the motion as much as we do every day. If your back feels tight or sore when you bend down to pick up your child, you might like to try this easy exercise to roll it out: Place a tennis ball in the small of your back and back yourself up against a wall. You can move the ball to the problem area and gently roll it around for a massaging effect.

Problem: Sore Feet

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Solution: Once your little one learns to walk, you can say goodbye to your leisurely moments of sitting down. Chasing kids all day will not only wear you out, but it can leave your feet a little sore too. Try soaking your feet in a warm bath for at least 10 minutes. You can add 1 to 2 tablespoons of Epsom salts per gallon of water for additional relief. Hot or swollen feet? Use cold water instead and prop them up when you’re finished.

Problem: Achy Arm

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Solution: Nursing demands a lot from a new mom, including having her arm propped up—or in cradle mode if breastfeeding while standing—for hours on end. If your arm has acquired a few new aches from your nursing positions, it is helpful to apply a heating pad or another heat source to the sore area. Sometimes all you need to ease that tightness is a little heat to stimulate blood flow and loosen up the muscle.

Problem: Sore Neck

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Solution: Whether it’s from sleeping in odd positions at night or gazing at your baby, sore neck muscles are one of the most common mom ailments. To tackle the problem, you’ll want to apply ice within the first 24 to 48 hours that you notice the pain, then apply heat afterward. You should also gently stretch your neck muscles by moving your head up and down, side to side, and ending by touching your ear to your shoulder.

Problem: Tech Thumb

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Solution: While this sounds like a common “young people problem,” the truth is that moms do many things one-handed without realizing it, including sending text messages or scrolling. With your baby in one hand, you are only left with one more to accomplish your to-do list, and if that means sending an email with a few fingers, then moms will get it done. For relief, outstretch all of your fingers, as well as forearms, opening and closing your fist several times. The other obvious solution? Give yourself a break from the phone for a few hours!

Problem: Abdominal Pain

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Solution: Remember that you essentially lost all of your core strength during pregnancy and your post-baby abdomen may be a little sore in the months to come. If you have Diastasis Recti, a condition where your ab muscles either partially or completely separate to accommodate a baby, this mom pain may be more apparent. The best thing to do is to focus on your posture. Be mindful of your posture when sitting and standing, or take the next step and purchase a posture corrector. You can also prop a towel or pillow behind your back while sitting.

—Kaitlyn Kirby



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