10 OC Spots To Get Your Frozen Fix

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We’re in the middle of winter and baby, it’s still cold outside. Fortunately in SoCal we can enjoy our scarf-and-beanie-65-degree weather with a frozen treat.  Sure, East Coasters may scoff at our definition of freezing, but that won’t stop us from scooping, licking, and slurping up our favorite frozen goodies.  We’ve rounded up some of the best kid-friendly flavors and some that adventurous little taste buds might appreciate too.  Take advantage of the sunny SoCal afternoons before the dinnertime cold snaps hit and treat the little ones to some of these classic or out-of-box frozen treats.

Frostbites Crepes & Frozen Delights
The kids will enjoy the creamy Italian chill that is made fresh daily here.  You have the option of just the Italian chill (that’s their word for Italian ice) or just the frozen custard.  We suggest though you order the kids the sorbet cream that combines both the chill and the custard.  Ask for as many samples as you like and ask the kind server to let you taste her favorite combinations of flavors.  If you’re not feeling a frosty dessert, you can always opt for the savory or sweet crepes.  All are very delicious and satisfying.

9111 Valley View Street
Suite 103
Cypress, Ca

Joe’s Italian Ice
If you’re around the Disneyland/Anaheim area, stop by the Joe’s Italian Ice stand.  We have to warn you that there is limited parking and seating, but it’s worth it to stop by if the line isn’t too long.  You can order the Italian ice by itself or mixed with custard.  If you’re going completely Italian ice, try the Bada Bing Cherry–real cherries mixed it with the ice. The kids will like the bubblegum or cotton candy.  The portions are big so for a family of two adults and two kids, you could order two ices to share.  Ask for a sample of the orange sherbet because it comes in the tiniest cone you ever did see.

12302 Harbor Boulevard
Garden Grove, Ca

Paleteria La Flor De Michoacan
Classic Mexican popsicles, known as paletas, are sold here.  The great thing about these popsicles is that they have a ton of real fruit mixed into them.  The flavors to get are the strawberry, pineapple or mango.  They are made on site daily.  Put a hold on the Dreyer’s Real Fruit popsicles and instead try out these handmade ones.

1750 South Main Street
Santa Ana, Ca

Sticky Finger’s Hawaiian Shaved Ice
It’s a candy store that just happens to serve shaved ice.  The kids can enjoy up to two flavors for a regular size and three flavors for a large.  You really can’t go wrong with any of the flavor combinations.  We have to warn you though that the large is big enough to be shared between two adults.  Take advantage of the mobile Yelp check-in offer and you can get two regular sized shaved ices for $5.

4612 Barranca Parkway
Irvine, Ca

Snow Station
It’s not your typical shaved ice.  It’s airy, fluffy and a trend in the Asian continents that has debuted itself in SoCal.  Order the strawberry shortcake special; it comes with strawberry snow, hot fudge, and chunks of pound cake.  One order is big enough to feed the entire family.

9938 Bolsa Avenue #117
Westminster, Ca

Sugar ‘N Spice
If you’re strolling through Balboa Island, drop by the Sugar ‘N Spice ice creams shop.  If you’re Balboa, you have to order the kids a chocolate dipped frozen banana or the balboa bars.  They have other ice creams too if the bars don’t float their boats.

310 Marine Avenue
Newport Beach, Ca

It’s an ice cream chain straight from Denmark.  It uses no additives and is made fresh daily.  The texture is very creamy and flavorful.  The stores are small and there isn’t much seating so we suggest getting it to go in the take-away containers and eating it together with the kids on a bench or by the beach.  The take-away containers are insulated so they buy enough time to walk down to the beach to grab a good grubbing spot.

5305 East 2nd Street
Long Beach, Ca

Saffron Spot
If you’ve got kids that have adventurous taste buds, they might just dig the Saffron Spot.  This is definitely a spot where you won’t find your classic vanilla ice cream.  Flavors to try are the banana cardamom, guava, passion fruit, fig walnut, and their most popular flavor the Saffron Silk, which has Saffron, Rose, and Pistachio.  Remember to use the mobile Yelp check-in offer to get 10% off your order.

18744 Pioneer Boulevard
Artesia, Ca

Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor
It’s an old-fashioned ice parlor that has been resurrected from many people’s childhoods.  The kids will get a kick out of the classic soda fountain setting.  The sundaes are decadent and big enough to share.  They do offer a kid’s clown sundae that’s fun to eat.  They also have a balloon artist that will make animals, hats, swords and other things for the kids.  On birthdays, the whole wait stuff sings happy birthday complete with a loud drum!

799A The Shops at Mission Viejo
Mission Viejo, Ca

Han’s Homemade Ice Cream
Deliciously homemade ice cream located in a strip mall with plenty of parking.  The thing to order here for the kids is their ice cream sandwich.  We might have a Diddy Riese close by, but Han’s ice cream sandwiches are pretty good too.  Remember to bring cash since credit cards aren’t accepted.

3640 South Bristol Street
Santa Ana, Ca

Where is your favorite spot for frozen goodies in OC? Add your top spots to our list!

–Sommy Rhee

All photos by sommyrhee.com!