Your Guide to Making Memorable Holiday Traditions

Holiday Storytimes and Reading Fun
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Whether you grew up reading The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve, making cookies at grandma’s house, or fighting the crowds on Black Friday, you probably have cherished memories of holiday family time that you’ll never forget. But who says you can’t create some new good times that express what you love most about the season? Whether you’re a country girl who loves a hayride or a shopper who can’t get enough, click through the slideshow for ideas to help you express your holiday style.

If the book’s the thing in your family, pull out your calendar and make time for holiday-themed storytimes across the county. Several <a target="_blank" href="">San Diego bookstores</a> and <a target="_blank" href="">local libraries</a> are hosting holiday-themed story sessions. Dress the kiddos in Christmas cheer and start reading. If just cozying up with books at home sounds better, unwrap one book each day leading up to the holidays engraining the joy of story-telling as part of your family’s tradition. <em>photo: Cherie Gough</em>fuck
  • Holiday Storytimes and Reading Fun

What are your family holiday traditions? Will you make new ones this year?

— Cherie Gough