The Easiest 30-Minute Dolphin Craft


Good news: Crafting doesn’t have to be an all-day affair beginning with a trip to the craft store and ending in a vacuum-required clean-up. In fact, for this dolphin craft all you need is about 30 minutes and a handful of supplies we bet you already have in your house. Read on for the step-by-step instructions to creating your own pet dolphin, and then share your dolphin creations with us on social media by tagging #RedTricycle.

You Will Need:
a shoebox

construction paper (ideally, blue, brown, grey and green colors)



wooden chopsticks or a popsicle stick

a pen



Step one: Put your shoebox upside down and have mom or dad use scissors to cut a line from one end to the other. This opening will serve as the place where your dolphin can dance and swim around.


Step two: Choose the color you want the water! We liked the dark blue. Wrap your shoebox in the color you choose and affix it in place with tape. Make sure you leave the opening visible that mom or dad just cut.


Step three: Flip your shoebox so the side with the cut opening is facing up. Now it’s time to create the bottom of your ocean. We chose brown to represent the ocean floor. Cut a thin strip of your chosen color and tape it to the side of your shoebox.



Step four: It’s time to make your dolphin. We found that drawing it on your chosen color paper and then cutting it out worked the best.


Step five: Don’t forget to give your dolphin eyes and a smile.


Step six: Take your chopsticks or popsicle stick and tape it to the back of your dolphin.


Step seven: Your craft is almost complete! Make your dolphin swim from one end of his home to the other.


What are your kiddo’s favorite sea animals? Will you be making this easy craft? Share a comment below!

— copy by Erin Lem; photos by Christal Yuen

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