This Is the Greatest Kitchen Hack Discovery Since Tupperware Was Invented

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Sometimes the best discoveries have been starring you in the face for ages waiting for you to see them. When one woman shared her meal prepping techniques on Twitter, the internet instantly went crazy at the discovery of a kitchen hack that had been hiding in plain sight for ages.

Twitter user mamagraciee recently shared a post of her late-night kitchen prep, packing meals for the week ahead. While her prepping skills are impressive, it was the containers the food was packed in that followers found especially intriguing. One photo in particular of her Glad Ware plastic containers featured one of the mini round containers tucked perfectly into the center circle of the purple plastic lid. One follower commented “I literally had no idea that the circles on the glad lids were for the little circle containers. Mind blowing lol,” and it pretty much snow-balled from there.

The photo quickly spread across all social media platforms, with commenters everywhere agreeing on just how life-changing this find was. The simple kitchen hack is actually no secret and is even featured on the Glad container packaging and yet it seems to have eluded so many until now. Your take along salads will never be soggy again.

Did you know your plastic container could do this? Share your own favorite kitchen hacks in the comments below.