This Stylish Wearable Actually Tracks Your Fertility

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photo: Ava

You can get a Fitbit to track your steps, a Tile to track your keys and one of these nifty gadgets to track your kids (or pets!).

So why not get a wearable device to track your fertility? That’s what the Ava “Ovulation Tracking Bracelet” aims to do. Dubbed the “Fitbit for Fertility,” the Ava is a stylish rubber bracelet that uses your body’s vital signs to track your cycle and pinpoint your fertile window. The device sends the information to an app on your phone to give you the five best days for babymaking.

“Ava is clinically proven to detect the very beginning of the fertile window—in real time, as it happens,” says the website. “That’s totally different than OPKs, which only detect the last day or two of the fertile window, and the temperature method, which only confirms ovulation after the fact.”

According to Ava, the device works while you’re sleeping by measuring nine different physiological parameters — including resting pulse rate, skin temperature, sleep, breathing rate, movement and heat loss — which are then fed into Ava’s algorithm to determine the fertile window. Its makers say the device has an 89% accuracy rate in detecting ovulation.

But it’s not just good for babymaking. The Ava also tracks your physiological stress level, sleep quality and menstrual cycle patterns (presumably to help you make all of the above ideal for conception).

If you can afford the $200 price tag, the device may actually be worth it. At least, it was for Bachelor in Paradise’s Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert, who just had a baby they say was conceived using Ava, according to E! Online. A woman named Lizzie McGee was the first to conceive an Ava baby: a baby boy, born in July.

“On the third month [of using Ava], I saw it kept on moving my ovulation date,” McGee told Parents magazine. “I was like ‘oh my gosh, it’s really getting to know my body.’ The day the ovulation date stayed in place, I thought to myself ‘it really knows me. I’m going to get pregnant this month.’ I knew it.”

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