Whether they insist on sleeping with one arm flung out of their swaddle or giggle uncontrollably every time they hear the song “Shake It Off,” it’s probably become clear that your baby has a mind of their own—and they don’t need any words to tell you what they like (and strongly dislike!). Beyond their day-to-day preferences, to get a sense of what your infant’s interests, strengths, and challenges might be as toddlers and beyond, look no further than their unique natal astrology. Although it’s just one piece of the complex puzzle that is your baby’s birth chart, their sun sign—the zodiac sign that the sun was moving through when they came into the world—can give you a sense of what their personality will be like. That’s because your baby’s astrology can influence their self-identity, self-image, and confidence.

As an astrologer and the author of Raising Baby by the Stars: A New Parent’s Guide to Astrology, I’m passionate about teaching parents how to use astrology to gain more insight into their little’s distinct perspective—and to hold space for that tiny human to grow into their authentic selves. So let’s dive in and look at each sun sign to explain how it colors your baby’s budding personality.

Aries (March 21-April 20)

Aries illustration of a ram for a story on baby astrology

With Mars, the planet of action and energy, as their ruling force, your little Aries will need to engage in a lot of physical activity to burn off all that steam. In other words, the minute they’re on the move, you’re going to be getting some boot camp-level cardio just trying to keep up. As the cardinal fire sign, your Aries baby will be a restless go-getter who initiates games and has just about zero tolerance for losing at anything. And because they’re the first of all 12 signs, Aries is considered the baby of the zodiac, so even as they get older your babe will remain super playful and a bit wide-eyed.
Key personality traits: Active, competitive, direct, fiery
Favorite things: Fast-paced physical activity (jumping, running, or even chilling in the jogging stroller while you zip the two of you through the park); winning and being declared #1 (so make sure you have a space in their room for the trophies they’re going to start racking up); being silly and laughing at slapstick humor.
Tantrum fuel: If anything takes too long, moves too slow, or just feels straight-up boring for eager, fast-paced Aries, they’ll quickly lose their cool. The good news is that they do everything at lightning speed, including tantrums, so just as quickly as they explode they’ll be back to their bouncy, happy selves and on to the next thing. To help them move through a bad mood quickly, lean on physical activity or a competitive game.

Taurus (April 21-May 20)

Taurus illustration of a bull for a story on baby astrology

Born under the fixed earth sign ruled by Venus, the planet of luxury, art, and beauty, your Taurus baby adores being comfy and sticking to what they know to be tried and true. This is a kid who is more attached to their lovey than any other and who will really dig their heels in when it comes to trying new foods or routines. The positive flipside of this obstinacy is that they’ll be incredibly dedicated to the activities—and people!—they love and are especially engaged with following through on tasks or goals. As an earth sign, they’re also in touch with nature and love hanging out outside.
Key personality traits: Down-to-earth, stubborn, slow-paced, practical
Favorite things: Snuggling and getting cozy; enjoying activities that engage as many senses as possible (like smelling flowers in the park while listening to birds and eating a yummy ice cream cone); expressing themselves artistically, perhaps by painting or singing.
Tantrum fuel: The good news: Taureans are known for their long fuse. The bad news: They absolutely hate to be rushed or pushed to change anything faster than the pace that comes naturally to them. And as the sign associated with the Second House of Material Possessions, losing a favorite toy or any tactile object they’re attached to will likely result in a major meltdown, so buy backups of that lovey ASAP. When they’re raging, speak to them in a calm, soothing voice and point to the practicalities of any given situation (e.g. “You need to wear this jacket because it is very cold outside”).

Gemini (May 21-June 21)

Gemini illustration of a sun for a story on baby astrology

It’s no wonder Gemini toddlers are super social and raring to go; the mutable air sign is ruled by Mercury, the messenger planet that oversees communication, transportation, and technology. They want to take in as much information as possible and then share it, so don’t be surprised if your tot’s a total chatterbox. Mercury also makes them really active listeners, and they’ll be the first kids to mimic or do impressions (so you’ll want to watch your language around this one!). There’s a good reason the sign is symbolized by twins, as you may notice that your Gemini baby vacillates between two distinct personality traits—they could be incredibly shy one moment and extroverted the next.
Key personality traits: Curious, communicative, dualistic, social
Favorite things: Lively “chats,” whether that’s simply listening to you talk or fully engaged in a tête-à-tête; being read to and, later, reading on their own (they’re lovers of language from a young age); going on road trips or long-distance journeys where there are lots of opportunities to soak up new information.
Tantrum fuel: Having to engage in quiet time or missing out on social time (maybe it’s their bedtime, but Grandma’s visiting) will send your Twins kid into a tailspin. They also loathe any circumstance that limits their mental stimulation and ability to express themselves and connect with others. That said, you can tackle a tantrum by holding space for them to talk through their feelings or work through them by scribbling with crayons on a piece of paper.

Cancer (June 22-July 21)

Cancer illustration of a crab for a story on baby astrology

Born under the cardinal water sign ruled by the moon, which oversees emotions and intuition in astrology, your Crab baby is a total softie. Family-oriented and heartfelt, it might sometimes feel like they’re literally glued to your side. They’re also big on being near the water, whether that’s your go-to beach for annual vacays or just a tub full of their fave bath toys. Since the moon moves through the zodiac quickly, changing signs and setting a different emotional tone every two-ish days, you’ll notice your Cancer’s disposition tends to ebb and flow, too. That’s why they have a reputation for being a bit moody, but even when they’re retreating into their shell, they’re total lovebugs.
Key personality traits: Sentimental, goofy, sensitive, nurturing
Favorite things: Time spent with you and other family members, ideally feeling closely bonded by saying “I love you” (and showing it); creative outlets that allow them to lean into their innate caring side, like playing doctor with you as the patient; helping you make—and noshing on—yummy comfort foods in the kitchen.
Tantrum fuel: Crabs need to feel emotionally secure and connected to their parent or caregiver even more than the average kiddo, so sensing that you’re not in sync and attuned to them could set them off. Reassuring them that you’re always there for them and love them can go a long way.

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Leo (July 22-August 22)

Leo illustration of a lion for a story on baby astrology

Your little Lion will be a bit of an attention fiend from the start, but they come by it naturally—it’s the fixed fire sign ruled by the gleaming, brilliant sun. They adore being the star of the show and earning all of the applause, and they just can’t help it since they’re usually pretty magnetic, upbeat, and charming. Plus, their sign’s association with the Fifth House of Self-Expression makes them naturally creative performers. They’re also direct, confident go-getters who believe being sunny and self-assured will get them across any finish line. Like all the fixed signs, they’re apt to become kind of infatuated with their favorite pastimes—whether that’s watching Ms. Rachel or staging their own plays.
Key personality traits: Charismatic, optimistic, fun-loving, confident
Favorite things: Soaking up the sunshine (they’re happiest during their warm, playful, summery season) and the spotlight; expressing themselves through an art form, like dancing or theater—ideally one with an adoring audience; setting the stage for friends to emulate them and leading the charge on play dates.
Tantrum fuel: Leos are innate leaders and have a bossy streak, so learning that they’re actually not the one calling the shots can drive them up a wall. Feeling like you’re not seeing and/or hearing them will also likely fuel a lot of roaring. Offer them a sense of control and to feel heard by giving them a choice between limited options (like two different rainy day activities to do).

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

Virgo illustration of the Maiden for a story on baby astrology

Born under the mutable earth sign ruled by Mercury, the information-gathering planet, your little one is eager to be helpful, a bookworm in the making, and a super communicator with an aptitude for critical thinking. They love hearing and telling stories as well as learning and sharing what they’ve learned. And, lucky you, because they might actually be eager to help out with detail-oriented chores as a result of Virgo being associated with the Sixth House of Daily Routine. As a true mutable sign, they might just be a bit more adaptable than other kids, but on the flip side, they also struggle to make up their minds as a result of overthinking.
Key personality traits: Cerebral, diligent, kind, pragmatic
Favorite things: School supplies—even before they’re in school, they’ll gravitate to pencils, journals, or just blank pages of construction paper perfect for working on their communication skills; reading books, perhaps especially on Mercury-ruled topics like technology or transportation; a tidy, organized space that contributes to them feeling calm.
Tantrum fuel: As a result of their ruler, Mercury, Virgos need to feel like they’ve had a chance to gather information before they make a decision, so feeling pressured into a conclusion before they’ve had a chance to do that can cause your Maiden kiddo to get frighteningly cranky. They also tend to overthink and worry quite a bit, which can contribute to moodiness—and is also a case for fostering grounding mindfulness skills, which can also be the perfect antidote to a grouchy mood.

Libra (September 23-October 22)

Libra illustration of scales for a story on baby astrology

With Venus, the planet of relationships and art, as your Libra kid’s ruler, they can’t help but be partnership-oriented and beauty-loving. The benefits of having an aesthetically appealing space are probably lost on a lot of littles, but not a Libra who will be more inclined toward peacefulness if the color of their nursery walls and the amount of sunlight in their room is just so. The sign is also associated with the Seventh House of Partnership, so your wee Libra prefers one-on-one bonding with you, other loved ones, and friends—and may be quick to declare a playmate their BFF. They’re also people-people and complete social butterflies.
Key personality traits: Social, peace-seeking, artistic, free-spirited
Favorite things: Art supplies that will allow them to create something beautiful of their very own; soothing surroundings (music, colors, lighting) that set a harmonious tone in their living space; parties and other opportunities to hang out with a bunch of fun, friendly faces.
Tantrum fuel: As a result of their ruler, Venus, which is the planet of harmony and peace, little (and, tbh, big) Libras will go out of their way to avoid conflict or any kind of bumps in the road. As they grow up, in an effort not to lose their cool, they sometimes steer toward passive-aggressiveness. It’s a case for showing them that all feelings are equally important and worthy of acknowledging and working through.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

Scorpio illustration of a scorpion for a story on baby astrology

If your kid was born under the sign of the Scorpion—the fixed water sign—they’re magnetic, dynamic, powerful go-getters. That’s in part because their modern ruler is Pluto, the planet of transformation, and their traditional ruler is Mars, the planet of action and energy. Though they experience emotions in a super-intense way, they’re prone to keeping them to themselves and sharing only once they are absolutely ready (and generally only with VIPs).
Key personality traits: Family-oriented, fearless, intuitive, self-possessed
Favorite things: A security item like a blanket or lovey that has been and will be theirs forever; games, activities, puzzles, or stories that involve a mystery they can solve; time spent at the beach or swimming, because, just like other water signs, they find being near or in the water centering.
Tantrum fuel: Driven and resolute, little Scorps absolutely hate being told “no”—yes, even more than the average toddler. It’s enough to make them dig their heels in even further. Making sure they feel heard can make a difference. And remind them that they can let you know how they feel whenever, given that your Scorpion prefers to open up about big feelings on their own time.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

Sagittarius illustration of an archer for a story on baby astrology

A little one born under the mutable fire sign Sagittarius is gregarious, free-spirited, independent-minded, and probably fairly outspoken—even if only in the form of top-volume shrieks or giggles. Thanks to Sag’s ruler, Jupiter, the planet of abundance and fortune, they’re glass-half-full kids and also believe bigger and more is always better. In other words, skip the mini cupcakes and opt for a totally over-the-top cake with a giant Bluey figurine. Being associated with the Ninth House of Adventure, they’re full of wanderlust right off the bat. You can typically guarantee a Sag kid is one you can plunk in a carrier and take with you wherever—on a hike, a train ride, or overseas—without all that much fuss.
Key personality traits: Adventurous, unfiltered, buoyant, independent
Favorite things: Any opportunity to learn about different languages or cultures given their innate penchant for soaking up knowledge and globetrotting; lots of silly jokes because they’re natural comedians; lots of wide, open spaces to play, run, and feel free.
Tantrum fuel: As free-spirited as they are, Sagittarians absolutely hate boundaries, restrictions, and limits more than most kids, so talking to them from a young age about how following rules can actually create space for more freedom would be wise.

Capricorn (December 22-January 21)

Capricorn illustration of a goat for a story on baby astrology

Born under the cardinal earth sign ruled by taskmaster Saturn, the planet of commitment and boundaries, Cap kiddos are serious, driven, and wise beyond their years. They’re also eager to put in the work to achieve their goals, and they’ll set ambitious ones. Your Sea Goat is a natural-born leader who enjoys taking the initiative, likely catching you off guard when they actually want to help you file away bills or put away dishes. As a toddler or older, they’ll be the kid who kicks off a round of a new game with friends and then makes sure everyone understands the rules.
Key personality traits: Precocious, grounded, traditional, industrious
Favorite things: Spending time working toward a goal, especially in nature, like helping you garden; big-picture goals they’re able to hit via a step-by-step plan and possibly a sticker chart; learning about history as they’re old souls with a reverence for the past.
Tantrum fuel: Being thought of as foolish is your Cap’s worst nightmare, so if they make a mistake or have an accident, they’ll be deeply upset. Don’t expect a fire sign-style freakout; their tantrum style is a bit more restrained as they may struggle to let their guard down. So relay that it’s OK to mess up, because we’re all human, and it’s also OK to have big feelings.

Aquarius (January 22-February 18)

Aquarius illustration of a water-bearer for a story on baby astrology

Your science-minded, super-social kiddo was born under the fixed air sign, symbolized by the Water Bearer. Quick to make friends with just about anyone, your little one will also want to be fiercely themselves and strike out against convention, thanks to Aquarius’ modern ruler, Uranus, the game-changer planet. So if you want to encourage them to do something, telling them that all the other kids are doing it will get you, well, just about nowhere. Celebrating what makes them unique and different and allowing for a lot of experimentation is the fast track to a happy Aquarius.
Key personality traits: Future-minded, inventive, friendly, rebellious
Favorite things: Working as part of a team or group, maybe even joining you when you volunteer, because Aquarians take a lot of pride in connecting with and contributing to their community; technology of all kinds, given that Uranus is the planet of electricity and innovation; lots of opportunities to go against the grain, whether that’s by listening to quirky music or wearing wildly clashing colors completely on purpose.
Tantrum fuel: Because they’re so defensive of their independent spirit, your little Water Bearer could very well go berserk as a result of being told they have to do, well, just about anything, especially if it’s because everyone else is doing it. And while all toddlers love to ask “why” repeatedly, Aquarius is especially prone to this, and if you don’t play ball, they’re sure to get wildly aggravated. Nurture their curiosity and lean on creative learning when they’re feeling down (think: STEM activities or putting together funky outfits).

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

Pisces illustration of two fish for a story on baby astrology

If your baby was born under the mutable water sign Pisces, they’re empathic, sensitive, and intriguingly in tune with the mystical, spiritual aspects of life. Heck, they may even be psychic They can’t help but pick up on the energy around them, which means from a very young age, it’s smart to work with them on identifying and owning their own emotions. Incredibly imaginative, as a result of their modern ruling planet, Neptune, the planet of spirituality, your Pisces might have vivid dreams and would do well to have lots of artistic outlets for expressing themselves and their deep feelings.
Key personality traits: Emotional, imaginative, tenderhearted, perceptive
Favorite things: Whimsical, fantastical stories and entertainment that allow them to escape the humdrum of everyday life; an artistic way to share their emotions, whether that’s a beginner’s musical instrument or canvas and paint set; time spent with you learning about everyday magic (like how flowers bloom or the tides are linked to the moon).
Tantrum fuel: Sensitive Piscean kids are easily overwhelmed by not only their own feelings but other people’s emotions they often pick up on, and feeling totally exhausted by being the littlest empath can really set the stage for a tearful tirade. In turn, you’ll do well to work with your Fish on self-soothing techniques like meditation or toddler yoga.

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