LGBTQ Students Score Major Court Win in Transgender Bathroom Case

Recently a federal judge ruled in favor of a Virginia teen in a school bathroom court battle for transgender rights. Now-19-year-old Gavin Grimm didn’t take the Glouster County Schools’ decision to ban him from using the boys’ bathroom lying down. Nope. The transgender teen fought his high school’s decision—and won!

Even though Grimm graduated a year ago, the court’s decision isn’t for nothing. While Grimm may not be able to benefit, other transgender children (in the Glouster area) could.

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After parents’ complaints against Grimm using the boys’ bathroom surfaced, the school stopped the student from using the facilities that matched his gender identity. This was in 2014. Nearly four years later, Grimm isn’t the only student who is getting a court ruling in their favor.

Only two days after Grimm got the good news, another federal court ruled in favor of transgender students. Four students (current and former) from Boyertown High School challenged an existing ruling that allowed transgender students to use the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity. The court upheld the ruling, in favor of the transgender students’ right.

A similar case is pending in Dallas, Oregon. In this case, which is yet to be decided, parents of non-transgender students sued to bar transgender students from using the bathrooms that correspond with their gender identity. While both sides are still yet to get a decision, there’s hope that this case will get the results seen in Glouster and Boyertown.

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Phil Roeder via Flickr


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