This Viral Dad’s Moves Helped Save His Daughter’s Dance Recital

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Getting on stage can be nerve-wracking and that’s why we totally get a viral video of this dad at his daughter’s dance recital. It’s not every day you see a baby-wearing dad amidst a sea of ballerinas!

Little Bella was performing in her first ballet recital in Hamilton, Bermuda with the In Motion School of Dance when she came down with a case of the jitters. As you’ll see in the video, her dad Marc Daniels couldn’t bear to see his little ballerina suffer so he hopped up on stage with little sis Suri to lend a helping hand.

Daniels, who is an attorney in Bermuda apparently also has some serious ballet skills, too! In a comment to Buzzfeed, he says moves are a result of “practic[ing] with them at home on many occasions so it wasn’t unfamiliar to me.”

Perhaps the cutest part of the whole video is daughter Bella constantly grabbing dad’s hand as she performs next to him. We can’t think of a sweeter picture of fatherhood.

––Karly Wood

Feature Photo: Skitterphoto via Pexels


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