15 Ways to Live on the Edge After Having Kids

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Who says you can’t be a daredevil after having kids? Sure, there are some things—that may or may not have involved ping pong balls and handstands—that are better left in the past. But there’s other risky business that will give your heart a similar little jolt (sans the pounding headache the next day). If you’re up for living on the edge in a different kind of way, we double dog dare you to…

13987708159_086d36c6d4_zPhoto: Eden, Janine and Jim

Ride a roller coaster…two times in a row! This is the perfect place to start if you want to live life a little edgier. Anxiety got the best of you? Grab one of your older kids to escort you on the ride. Oh, how the tables have turned!

Stay up late. Whether late is midnight or 8 pm (looking at you, newborn parent), indulge your night owl with some turn-down-for-what time.

Dress your baby girl in blue. And deck your baby boy out in pink. Then sit back and watch the confusion ensue.

13619444923_3500a8b8f0_zPhoto: Paul Townsend via Flickr

Go to the grocery store with all of your kids. Up the ante by going on a Saturday without a shopping list.

Use your hotel points on yourself. Yes, it still counts if you book the hotel down the street and you hire a babysitter. It totally counts!

Unplug for the weekend (or an hour). No phones, TV, radio, or other electronic. If the cavemen could do it, you can too.

kids-tattoo-crdtPhoto: waz C. via Flickr

Get a tattoo. But be reasonable—try out placement and color first with a temporary tattoo.

Blast your music in the car. The tunes may now be of the kindie variety, but that makes the act even cooler.

Take the long way home. Bonus: the extended ride is a surefire way to lull a sleepy kid to sleep.

2645046188_cc030a87f1_zPhoto: Arkansas ShutterBug via Flickr

Ignore weather reports. If it’s too wet, rainy, cold, or hot to do something, do it anyway.

Tell your L.O. a white lie. Think: “You’re allergic to fast food.” Or, “The toothfairy went on an unplanned vacation.

Drink beer. There are so many kid-friendly breweries around the country, you really have no excuse not to toast with other grown-ups (and their kids).


Have dessert for dinner. But, not just any dessert. Go ALL out—triple chocolate, ice cream, frosting, sprinkles.

Let your kid pick out your outfit. You may be pleasantly surprised by Junior’s style sense, or utterly horrified. Either way, you only get the cool points if you actually wear and keep on the ensemble.

Book an international family flight. You get our R-E-S-P-E-C-T for the rest of your days if at least one kid is under five years old.

How do you live n the edge with kids? Tell us in the comments section below. 

—Ayren Jackson-Cannady

featured photo: Jvoves via flickr

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