News That Is Safe for Kids & Fun to Read? Check Out XYZA

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As modern parents, every day we face the delicate balance of keeping our kids informed and feeding their curiosity, and keeping them safe. Finding age-appropriate websites, apps, and shows is a struggle—and finding quality news that isn’t full of adds or terrifying words and photos, is nearly impossible. That is, until now. Thanks to Xyza: News for Kids you’ll find news by and for kids, in both online, app and paper form. Read on to learn more about this exceptional new publication and how your kids can get involved.

News You Can Use

Xyza: News for Kids believes the world of news is fascinating. And that reading the news is an important habit for parents and kids alike. Every month,  Xyza publishes a newspaper just for kids between the ages of 7 and 14. A real, print newspaper!! And every week, they e-pubish news stories from around the world for the website and the app. You can subscribe to one, both, or all three!

Dream Team

Founded by two awesome moms, Joann Suen and Sapna Satagopan, their vision is that Xyza fosters a child’s love of the world around and genuine thirst for knowledge in the world, all without graphic images and terms your kids don’t need to learn until they are in their twenties (or, maybe never.)

By and For Kids 

Want to read a kid’s point of view? Xyza Junior Reporter program offers just that! A kid’s eye view of current affairs. And if your kids want to get involved they can become a news reporter, too. Curious kids, events you’re attending, photos you’ve snapped of the world—all these can be contributed by kids to the Junior Reporter Program. Audio interviews, videos, written accounts, all can be part of the experience.

Psst: Summer Photo Contest Is On! Xyza’s Summer Photography Contest is happening right now! Just enter a photo taken by your kiddo by September 1. The photo should tell an interesting story about your child’s summer. Read up on contest deets here.

Subscriptions run in 3, 6, or 12 month durations, at about $4.16/month. You can subscribe to print only, web online or both! Read up on Xyza News for Kids online and subscribe at 

—Amber Guetebier


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