School’s back in session and the witching hour—those afternoon moments when crankiness is at its peak—has cast a spell over your little ones. Time to pull out your arsenal of activities to keep kiddos busy and happy before dinner’s served. Need a few new ideas? We’ve got you covered. Read on to discover our Red Tricycle checklist of fun, filled with 30 easy, awesome ways to help little minds unwind. Print it out, pin it up, and revisit for activity inspiration.

Psst—click on the blue text in the pdf to get the tutorial! If you want to go green and save paper, opt to check off each box digitally. Remember to save the file to save your progress. Click here to download the pdf (right click and “save as” to save onto your computer).


1. Play a classic backyard game.

2. Build a nature fort in the backyard. 

3. Create something cool out of cardboard.

4. Look for butterflies. 

5. No paint brushes? No problem. Here are 10 art projects that don’t need bristles

6. Go on a scavenger hunt that requires quiet time. 

7. Make a puppet theater.

8. Read a book that inspires innovation.

9. Get crafty a project with five supplies or less!

10. Practice your pirate vocab.

11. Make your TP roll go the distance and use it in a project. 

12. Set up an imaginary world of play and watch the afternoon fly by.

13. The homework’s gotta happen. These ideas will make it fun!

14. Make a pet rock.

15. Arrange a creative play date with friends.

16. Give their brain muscles a boost with easy memory games.

17. Make a toy car garage.

18. Let your little magicians impress you with seven easy magic tricks

19. Spice up coloring time with a new and cool coloring book.

20. Explore the art of image projection with a DIY pinhole camera.

21. Discover easy ways to upcycle your scrap paper.

22. Run relays in the backyard.

23. Feel the force with a Star Wars-themed activity. 

24. Give their green thumbs a workout with eight easy gardening ideas.

25. Share some wacky animal facts.

26. Explore science with simple outdoor experiments.

27. Have a dance party.

28. Whip up a batch of your own bubbles.

29. Try out a new subscription box.

30. Make math fun with these easy games.

Share this checklist with your friends and then tell us below your go-to activity for after school fun!


— Christal Yuen & Gabby Cullen

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