Your neighborhood playground rocks the basics with slides, swings and monkey bars for your speedy sidekick to cross. But does it have handcrafted netting pods? Fantasy cottages? Or spelunk-able slides and trampolines? We searched the world over to find jaw-dropping playgrounds that kick park play into high gear. Flip through to find the play spot of your dreams.

Jungle Gym at the Nashville Zoo – Nashville, Tn

This wooden behemoth is the centerpiece of the playground at the Nashville Zoo. Touted as the largest community-organized playground in the country, it has over 66,000 square feet of free space where kids can run wild between animal feedings and zoo shows. The Jungle Gym also has hidden slides, a cargo net area, rope swings and its own bat cave.

Which one is your favorite? Is there an amazing playground we should add? Leave us a Comment below. 

— Allison Sutcliffe, Christal Yuen & Scott Wardell



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