When it comes to trying out international cuisine, parents can rest easy in diving into Italian food. Flavorful sauce that hides veggies, noodles and cheesy appetizers help kids whet their appetite for this Mediterranean fare. We’ve rounded up everything from homemade focaccia and Arancini to the softest almond cookies ever. Keep reading to see easy recipes that will have your kids diving into Italian food for life.

Focaccia Bread

Baking a Moment

Fluffy and flavorful, most kids can't shy away from a nice piece of Focaccia. Made with lots of olive oil and rosemary, this version from Baking a Moment pairs perfect with all your upcoming Italian dishes!


Chelsea's Messy Apron

Whether you need a quick appetizer or just a fresh snack, getting kids to eat Bruschetta can be easier than you think! Chelsea's Messy Apron combines traditional ingredients like grilled bread, tomatoes and basil into a simple recipe that may just get your kids to gobble up fruit without realizing it.


Bryony Elena via Unsplash

It only take four ingredients to make a Caprese salad (and you probably have most of them from whipping up that bruschetta!). This easy app comes together quickly, looks pretty and all that cheese could be the key to getting your kids to try it out.


Happily Eva After

No, those aren't meatballs: they're fried balls of risotto! This supremely delicious recipe from Happily Eva After brings this savory and filling appetizer or snack to your table with just 30 minutes of cook time.


Julien Pianetti via Unsplash

Risotto is a staple in Italian cuisine. While it takes time and attention, the result is creamy and cheesy deliciousness. Head over to Walks of Italy to get all the tips for making an authentic version at home.


Charlotte Fashion Plate

Say hello to this tender meat dish that kids will gobble up. Charlotte Fashion Plate shares an amazingly savory dish using flank steak, cheese and hearty tomatoes for this show stopping recipe.

Classic Italian Meatballs

Family Style Food

Did somebody say meatballs? Easy to make and even easier to gobble up, this recipe from Family Style Food will have you tossing these together on a regular basis.

Pasta Fagioli Soup

Garlic & Zest

Filling yet light at the same time, this bean soup is the stuff Italian dreams are made of. We love this recipe from Garlic & Zest which comes with a hearty side of hacks that will up your cooking game.

Italian Wedding Soup

Carlsbad Cravings

Good luck getting your kids not to mow through these adorable mini meatballs! Carlsbad Cravings' classic soup is the perfect addition to a chilly night. Don't forget the side of crusty bread!

Margherita Pizza

Cookie Kate

Of course we didn't forget the pizza! Even cheese-only lovers will love this flavorful yet simple recipe from Cookie + Kate.


Pina Bresciani

Perfect for holiday baking (or really anytime of year), these Italian honey balls will become a family fave. The deep fried dough balls require few ingredients and are super fun to make with the kids (just watch out for that hot oil!). Head to Pina Bresciani to get a recipe you can use now. 

Taralli Dolce Di Pasqua

The Monday Box

You need these Easter cookies in your life (and not just during the spring!). The Monday Box's recipe for these sprinkly-treats is easy to follow, fun to eat and makes the perfect afternoon activity with the kids.

Italian Twist Cookies

An Italian In My Kitchen

Parents who need a little sweet with their morning coffee will love An Italian In My Kitchen's recipe for these twist cookies. While they take a little patience waiting for the dough to rise, you'll be able to give yourself a pat on the back for making these cookies by hand.

Pignoli Cookies


Chewy and soft, these pine nut-topped cookies are an Italian tradition. They are deeply almond-flavored and are naturally gluten and dairy free! Head to Foodtasia to snag the recipe.

Pasticcini di Mandorle

The Monday Box

You only need four ingredients to whip up these flourless soft almond cookies from The Monday Box. Grab your almond flour, confectioners’ sugar, lemon zest and eggs and bring everything together by hand for these delicious cookies that go great with coffee.

––Karly Wood



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