Bored with your current dinner faves? Take a trip to Thailand! Thai cuisine is very kid-friendly with lots of rice, noodles and meat dishes that make it easy to incorporate newer flavors like sweet chili and curry. Keep scrolling to find simple Thai food recipes the entire family will enjoy (and that whip up in a flash).

Pad Kee Mao

Gimme Some Oven

This drunken noodle recipe from Gimme Some Oven is definitely family friendly, despite the name. Made without alcohol, the noodle-meat-veggie dish is polished off with a delicious sauce made with Thai basil, giving it that extra kick. 

Thai Garlic Fried Shrimp

Christie at Home

Quick dinner to the rescue! Less spicy than other versions, this Thai garlic fried shrimp from Christie at Home comes together in just 30 minutes and uses amazing aromatics like sesame oil and green onions.

Thai Mango Sweet Sticky Rice

Joyous Apron

Get ready for your kids to devour this dish! Joyous Apron has a delicious recipe that combines sticky rice, coconut sauce and fresh mango into this plate-licking dessert.

Thai Sweet Chili Peanut Noodles

Rasa Malaysia

It takes just four ingredients and 15 minutes to get this recipe from Rasa Malaysia on the table. Even better? You can use American ingredients you probably already have on hand, like spaghetti noodles!

Thai Basil Pork

Leite's Culinaria

Fifteen minutes for dinner? Pass the pork, please! Leite's Culinaria has an uber easy that uses ground pork, chili, Thai basil and fish sauce that results in a takeout-worthy dish.

Vegetarian Thai Green Curry

Chelsea's Messy Apron

You can skip the meat in this chick pea-based curry dish from Chelsea's Messy Apron. Made with snow peas and butternut squash that are easily concealed under warm green curry, your kids will hardly realize they're racking up veggie points.

Pad Thai

Feasting at Home

Pad Thai has appeared on a "World's 50 Best Foods" list and with good reason: it's easy, flavorful and super kid friendly. This easy version from Feasting at Home comes together in 15 minutes of cook time and even uses ingredients you can find at American grocers.

Thai Fried Rice

A Spicy Perspective

Show us a kiddo who doesn't love fried rice! This tasty recipe from A Spicy Perspective brings together classic fried rice ingredients like egg and green onion, with a splash of curry to make it totally Thai.

Chicken Massaman Curry

Family Favorite Recipes

If you family is ready to dig into red curry, Chicken Massaman is the place to start. Favorite Family Recipes shares a mild yet savory recipe using massaman curry paste, chicken and veggies that kids won't be able to turn down.


Gai Yang

Rasa Malaysia

Perfect for summer, Thai BBQ Chicken is a crowd pleaser and a nice twist on traditional chicken dishes. Rasa Malaysia's recipe uses chicken wings, sweet chili sauce, sriracha and cilantro resulting in both a sweet and savory meal that can easily be adjusted for picky palates. 

Thai Iced Tea

Hungry Huy

No ice tea compares to this rich, Thai version. Hungry Huy shares a recipe that uses steeped tea, sweetened condensed milk and crushed ice that rivals any you'd find in a restaurant.

Banana Roti

Hot Thai Kitchen

Let's hear it for Thai Banana Pancakes! This street vendor fave requires a little bit of prep work, but the kids will be begging you to whip up this recipe from Hot Thai Kitchen forever after devouring their first bite.

––Karly Wood



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