12 Photo Ideas to Capture Baby’s First Christmas

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Looking for some photo inspiration for your baby’s first holiday season? From the sweetest pics of first snowfalls to getting tangled up in glowing Christmas lights, here are a dozen photo ideas that are sure to wow family and friends on Instagram and beyond.

This Little Light of Mine

Carefully wrap your baby in a string of lit Christmas lights or lay the lights decoratively near your child. Use bulbs that stay cool to the touch, and don’t leave your baby unattended around the lights. Add a fuzzy blanket or rug for an even cozier scene.

Let It Snow

Bundle up your baby and takes shots in the first snowfall. Position yourself in front of a darker background that shows the snowflakes coming down around you. If it's too cold to take your child outside, or if the weather isn't cooperating by snowing, add a snow filter to an indoor photo to create your own winter wonderland.

A Christmas Story

An iconic Christmas tale and a holiday-appropriate outfit are the only props you need for this sweet photo. This is a great choice if your baby isn’t yet crawling or sitting up. Plan it for tummy time (or until baby is snoozing) to place them on an open copy of Twas the Night Before Christmas.

photo: Erin Joyce Photography

O Christmas Tree

Get out the stepladder or a sturdy chair to take photos of your child from a fresh angle. Turn on the tree lights for a warm glow on your baby's face and shoot from above to capture part of the tree and your baby gazing up at its glory.

Santa Baby

With a mini Santa suit (or just the iconic red hat), you can dress your newbie up like the big guy for a few snaps. Position your child near the chimney or under the tree for the perfect backdrop. 

Stocking Stuffer

This shot only works when babies are small, so enjoy it while you can. Gently slide your baby into a large Christmas stocking and let the cuteness just happen. Snap that photo quickly while your little one still thinks it’s funny, or, if you have newborns, set up a shot while they’re sleeping.

Bunny Hill

If you're a family who loves winter sports, set your baby up in a snow suit and goggles on a little hill for photos with a personal touch. You and your child will love looking back on their first experience on the ski hill.

All That Glitters

Takes advantage of your beautifully decorated tree by placing your baby in front of it clad in a diaper or a holiday outfit. Position yourself on the floor in front of them and snap away at all the smiles and cute expressions. The drool is optional but hilarious.

Wrap It Up

No matter how you style it—tying a big red bow or attaching a bunch of stick-on gift bows—taking a photo of your baby all wrapped up for the holidays is a fun and inexpensive way to convey what a gift they are to you.

Baby, It's Cold Outside

This winter wonderland shot includes a challenge: Get a sweet shot of your crawling baby with untouched, fluffy snow all around them. You may need to practice poses and angles in a different spot and then switch to your preferred area once you get the hang of how to shoot it.

The Before Shot

On Christmas morning, take a few minutes before all the gifts are unwrapped to photograph your wide-eyed and happy little one nestled among unopened presents or holding on to an overflowing Christmas stocking.

Spirit of the Season

All you need for this memorable photo op is a pair of holiday jammies and a festively patterned blanket or quilt, ideally in coordinated colors or patterns. And ta-da, you'll have an instant holiday keeper.

—Julie Seguss


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