The Instant Pot Blender Might Just Be the Smartest Kitchen Gadget Ever

We want, no––we need the new Instant Pot Blender! The company known for its famous ultimate multi-cooker is releasing a brand new product and you’ll only be able to get it from Walmart. Read on for all the awesome deets!

Just like the Instant Pot, the Ace 60 Cooking Blender does more than just blend––it chops ice, makes soy and rice milk, chops vegetables and makes soup, just to name a few functions. The blender comes with an affordable price tag of $99––a fraction of the cost of other high-end kitchen gadgets that do the same thing.

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The Ace 60 Blender comes with eight different settings including smoothie, puree, ice cream and four types of milk options. Bonus––it also comes with a cheese cloth in the packaging to strain out all your nut milks!

One of the most coveted features is the Instant Pot’s Ace blender’s hot blending programs, which actually heat your food while it blends. The base has a digital readout that shows both the cooking time as well as temperature, something that isn’t found on competing blenders. Say hello to Instant soup!

The Ace also comes with a tempered glass container that withstands extremely hot temperatures to whip up all those hot soups you’ll be making this fall and winter. In typical Instant Pot fashion, the company has created a new product that helps cluttered kitchens do away with excess gadgets. Say goodbye to those extra blenders and ice cream makers!

Before you go running out to Walmart, just be aware that the product is currently available for pre-order, with availability in stores and online beginning Sep. 23. Happy blending!

––Karly Wood

All Photos: Courtesy of Instant Pot



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