One to Grow On: Introducing BabySpace LA

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There is no more exhilarating feeling then when you realize (that moment when it sinks in) that it’s you who’s about to become the parent.   There’s just nothing, this side of nothing, quite like it.  Break out the bubbly.  Then break out the night terrors.  Fear sets in next, and it could just start to feel like you’re all alone in the big city.  But luckily, you’re not.  There are people that are really, really good at this.  People like the people at the new BabySpace.

baby foot

Um, a little help here please . . .
The role of parent.  Now played by you.  Was there a class, some notes, a lecture in Home Ec?  Do they still teach Home Ec?  Daunting doesn’t even touch it.  Exhale, mama.  Or dada for that matter.  Help is here.  And it judges nobody.


I get by with a little help from my friends.
BabySpace is a brand new Beverly Hills nook that offers classes and consultations for new moms, moms-to-be, and seasoned moms who could just use a little clarity on how this whole thing works (yes, please).  Like the one in the valley and the other one in Santa Monica, this here’s our Olympic and Oakhurst anchor for all things Help I Have No Idea How to Parent This.

Guidance.  The gift that keeps on giving. 
We could rattle off the professional & clinical counseling experience, group leadership, development and psychotherapy specialties shared between founders Caren Gitlin, L.C.S.W., and Jessica Battaini, L.C.S.W., but it would just make us feel insecure.  And that is the plum opposite of what’s happening here.  There are no fear tactics and no preying on vulnerabilities – there’s enough of that going around.  BabySpace (and their aforementioned gurus) believe there is not one benchmark brand of parenting.  Fancy that!  That’s your baby out there.  You’re allowed to call the shots.  But when things get a little murky, it’s nice to have some trusted specialists who have been around the block a time or two thousand.

Their babies are babies too.    
It helps.  Sure, Caren and Jessica are dialed into the network of parenting professionals, they’ve got work experience in all the right places, they’re up to snuff on all of today’s parenting topics, trends, treatment and triggers, but more important than all that, they’re right there in the trenches with us.  They’re new moms on their second round.  They’re just like us.  Us, only mad smart and super good at this.


Classes for moms-to-be, classes for moms with babies . . .
Every week you can count on settling in with some soothing solutions to what’s going on with your little hip hugger.  But in the event that we haven’t solved all the worlds problems by the 18 month mark, consultation services are available too.  From sleep issues (Hi, didn’t I sleep train you already?) to sibling rivalry (Hi, didn’t I birth you a best friend?), call ‘em up and glean from their navigating know-how.

Careful, you could choke on that. 
Caren and Jessica know better than to bite off more than they can chew.  Which is why they are highly specialized. They offer substantive information, affordably.  They know to stick with a good thing, and make it sensational.  They’re not pedaling product or pushing pedantics.  They’re here to hear you out and help you out.  Should a little camaraderie result, well, it’s free with purchase.

mom dad baby

So don’t worry.
You’ll be just fine.  Rule #1 of parenting, enjoy the ride.  It promises to come with its fair share of bumps and beauty.  So sometimes, it’s nice to have a pal in the drivers seat.

Baby Space
At Dawn Barnes’ Karate Kids
9170 West Olympic Blvd.
Los Angeles, Ca
Phone: (310) 853-3374

Written by Jolie Loeb

Photographs by Caren Gitlin, L.C.S.W, and Jessica Battaini, L.C.S.W, storyvillegirl via Creative Commons, Jen and Jim S via Creative Commons,  and LennyBaker via Creative Commons