LA Moms Share Their New Year’s Resolutions

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Oh the dreaded New Year’s resolution! When those first two weeks of January equal yoga classes so populated they feel more like a mosh pit. The thing with New Year’s resolutions though, is they offer up an attractive clean slate, a built-in refresh button in our over-stimulated, busy lives: a time to start the year off right and become the you you’ve always wanted to be. No pressure or anything, right? It’s easy to go big…then completely go home, giving up entirely at the very first signs of resistance (did they really mean no alcohol or sugar at all?)

This year, we’re embracing the “slow and steady wins the race” approach, which often yields the biggest, most life-changing results. We asked a handful of local LA moms to inspire us with their real-life resolutions. Scroll through our favorites and feel free to steal some as your own.

Dawn White, CEO and Founder of You and Me, Inc.

“I want to send in my audition tape for Wheel of Fortune,” says White, mother to an almost 10-month-old son. She also hopes to “swear less” and try to “trim frivolous spending.”

White is also working to develop an e-commerce platform for gifting children experiences rather than things, called The Seedling, which she hopes to have up after the New Year. She also plans to learn how to “make homemade ravioli“ because good pasta always matters.

Red Tri Tip: Requesting tickets for a live taping of Wheel of Fortune at Sony Studios is easy! Just visit: and pick your date. And if you aren't prepared to pull out the pasta maker at home and watch youtube videos on pasta how-tos, check out for fun cooking classes that will have you saying "mangia" in no time.

Amy Ferguson, Actor and Filmmaker

“This year,” says Amy, a single mom to 1-year-old Maxwell, “I want to actively deal with my postpartum depression through therapy, exercise, and meditation.”

Red Tri Tip: If you or someone you know is suffering from postpartum depression or anxiety, check out This is Loom. Their mission is to offer “an inclusive, inviting and judgment-free space for both birth and non-birth outcomes.” In addition to a slew of classes, they also offer postpartum doulas and therapy—from group classes to in-home help and counseling. They have support and a class for everyone.

Jennifer Pak, Jewelry Designer

“Less things, more memories,” says this mother of two and jewelry designer at Gjenmi. “And also letting go of toxic friendships and relationships. I want to treasure and nurture the new ones that make both me and my family happier instead of focusing on what doesn’t work.”

Red Tri Tip: Finding your village can be tough, especially in those early days of motherhood when everything is overwhelming and you feel isolated. We've rounded up some mom groups in the area to help you find new friends—and if at first, you don't gel, don't worry, just getting out there will get you one step closer to your finding your tribe. 


Rachel Barrett, Photographer

“Follow through,” says the professional photographer and mother to a nearly four-year-old daughter. “This year is about follow through and spending less time on my phone…which I’m writing from my phone…”

Red Tri Tip: Try a kid-friendly podcast you and your baby can both enjoy when your itching for your phone. Kids love stories and one like Storynory tells classic fairytales that even adults will enjoy. It's a great way to utilize your phone while letting it go dark at the same time.


Lindsay Hunter Lopez, Freelance Writer


“I have one resolution that’s been the same for a few years now,” says the mother of two and freelance writer. "Finish my kids’ baby books! 2018 will be the year to finally get it done…I hope!”

Red Tri Tip: Check out apps like Chatbooks that easily allow you to convert photos from Instagram and other social platforms to baby books in an instant. It'll help ease the guilt of the time you do spend on your phone.


Cameron Jordan, Photographer

“I want to be present,” says the busy mother of two and professional photographer. “When I’m with my kiddos I want to fully be there and when I’m away I want to dive into my job…my art…or the spa…I’ve also had a photography project called “Mother,” I put on hold when my mother died, but this year I think I’m ready to complete it and share it with the world.”

Red Tri Tip: Practicing mindfulness, and meditation can give you the energy and the clarity you are seeking in the various parts of your life. Check out studios like One Down Dog or yoga classes that the entire family can enjoy.


Nina Savill, Jewelry Designer/Owner Nina Savill Jewelry

“I want my husband and me to get on a plane for the first time with our 3 year-olds and go somewhere,” says the mother of twins and designer/owner of Nina Savill Jewelry. “Preferably Europe.” Adding in, “I’m also going to remember my mantra: “You are not a garbage disposal,” because I deserve to eat better than toast crusts for breakfast and pizza crusts for dinner.”

Red Tri Tip: Try meal services like Blue Apron or healthy pickup options like Topo and Citizen Sprout (for locals) which offer wholesome, delicious meal options.


Briana Hickspedicone

“Last year was about saying yes. The new year will be about reeling that in and guarding my energy from suckers,” says the mother of one. “I’d also like to work more on my marriage…while consuming less and adventuring more.”

Red Tri Tip: Don't have a babysitter for a date night? Take advantage of playspaces like AuFudge CAMP that allow you to drop your kids off for a couple of hours during the day so you and your partner can spend some much needed time together.  


Katie Miles, Designer/Owner Dig a Pony Kids

“I really want to go into the New Year with a renewed commitment to positivity,” says the newly transplanted mother of two, designer/owner Dig a Pony Kids. “I want to be a generous, kind, thoughtful and positive force in my own life, in my friend’s and family’s lives and for the world.” Having just relocated to LA from New York City, my husband is eager to set several professional goals as well. “I want to step into the New Year unafraid to take chances and make a new network. There are so many opportunities for me to take my business to the next level and I want to be more open than I’ve been to the risks involved.”

Red Tri Tip: Use social media as it was intended! Track down those long-lost Facebook friends and of course, check out our calendar of events listing all the insider-knowledge of what to do with your kids here in LA. 

Pamela Hunter, Owner/Designer Sheltered and Co.

"I just started my weighted blanket business called Sheltered and Co.," Hunter says, almost sheepishly, "and it's all I want to do." She adds, "My New Year's resolution is to get even better systems in place both with the business as well as at home so I can be as efficient as possible during my limited work hours. I think setting very clear boundaries for myself will be the biggest challenge — it's easy to want to work 24/7, but I know this will make me a better mother, wife, and friend."

Red Tri Tip: Plan crafts, outings and playdates with just as much purpose as you put into your work but remember mamas, don't forget to take time for yourself!

What are some of your new year’s resolutions? Share them with us in the comments below!


—By Jamie Hall Ramirez