Have a water fight, take a road trip, or just talk. There are so many daughter & mother activities mothers that’ll strengthen the bond

Between school, work, and keeping the family afloat, sometimes it’s tough for mother-daughter activities to come front and center. To help you keep that bond strong, we found 33 of the very best ideas. Whether your daughter is 5 or 15, keep reading to discover mother-daughter activities you’ve got to try at least once.

1. Play a game of basketball. Even if you aren’t the next Steph Curry—you can still shoot hoops with your daughter. Plus, it’s a great workout!

2. Have a spa day. Every mom and daughter deserves the royal treatment at least once. A soothing mask, manicure, pedicure, and refreshing cucumber water will make for a memorable day.

3. Write in a journal together. Sometimes talking about our feelings is tough. But using a mother-daughter journal to share our dreams and disappointments can be a great bonding experience (and a wonderful keepsake for the future).

4. Have a movie marathon. Pick a series of movies (Star Wars, Harry Potter, Disney), pop popcorn, and make a day of movies in your family room.

5. Go on a road trip. Nothing says togetherness like riding in a car for a long time. Create a playlist of music you both want, pick a destination, and start driving.

6. Set up and finish a jigsaw puzzle. A puzzle guarantees hours of quality time with your daughter.

7. Run a race. Whether it’s a 5k or a 1-mile fun run, train with your daughter and show her that girls can do anything!

8. Go out to eat. Pick a spot from our ultimate list of restaurants where kids eat for free.

9. Have regular mommy-daughter dates. Whether it’s a lunch date, a walk to the park, or visiting a local museum, you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to spend time with your daughter.

10. Pick a Pinterest project to tackle. You know all those crafts and projects you have pinned? Find a perfect one for a mother-daughter team and make an afternoon of it.

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a good mother daughter activity is reading together

11. Read together. Whether your daughter is two or 12, you'll never forget the experience of bonding over words together when you read a book.

12. Set up a science project. Studies show girls lose interest in science by age 15, so start early and keep her engaged to fight this startling statistic. Try some of these classic science experiments at home. 

13. Go to high tea. Find a fancy hat and get your pinkies up. High tea is a luxurious activity every mom and daughter should do at least once.

14. Volunteer or do a community service project. There are a lot of community activities for families. Pick an activity that will help mom and daughter give back to others while spending time together.

15. Schedule a professional photoshoot. Most moms have hundreds of photos of their daughters, and we all love a good selfie. But having a photographer other than yourself capture lasting memories is a gift you'll enjoy well into the future. We love Shoott, the company that connects local photographers with people who want their pictures taken. 

16. Go to a fancy dinner. Make a reservation for a restaurant you've always wanted to try and have a date night with your daughter.

17. Have a water fight. Invest in some balloons and water guns and spend the day getting wet.

18. Learn to build something. Put your girl power into action, and perfect your building skills at a class through Home Depot or another hands-on workshop. There's no reason the hammer and drills should be left to fathers and sons.

19. Have a one-on-one conversation. We've got 47 conversation starters right here

20. Have a picnic. Pack a picnic lunch (or buy a delicious sandwich at a local shop) and find a pretty outdoor spot. Spend some time eating, chatting, reading, or playing together.

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a good mother daughter activity is spending time cooking

21. Bake a cake or cook a full dinner. You've probably enlisted your daughter's help baking cookies or peeling veggies. Take your culinary skills up a notch and attempt to create an entire cake or a four-course meal.

22. Travel to a new city. You can take a plane ride to another state or drive to the next town. Explore a new city with your daughter, and see what interests both of you.

33. Have a good cry together. Showing your daughter that it's okay to express her feelings is important. And, it's important to show her that you're human, too. 

24. Take a hike. Find a trail to explore. Wander through your local park. Stroll the beach, head up a mountain, or discover the desert. Enjoying nature together may open your eyes to many new things along the path.

25. Go on a shopping spree. While it's probably worth saving up some money for this indulgence, an afternoon shopping spree is something every mother and daughter should do together.

26. See a play or musical. Dress up, have lunch, and experience a play or musical at a local theater.

27. Take a painting class together. Get artsy and do a painting or crafting class together. You'll love seeing your unique perspectives come to life on the canvas.

28. Go to an amusement park. Some moms like theme parks as much (or more than) as the kids. Spend a day at the Happiest Place on Earth, or explore the features at Universal Studios.

a dance party is a fun mother daughter activity

29. Have a dance party. Blast your favorite playlist and dance, dance, dance.

30. Look through old photos and scrapbooks. Before the days of Facebook, we kept our memories printed in albums. Share your old photo albums and scrapbooks with your daughter, and tell her stories about those special times.

31. Go thrift shopping or antique hunting. It's fun to hunt through thrift shops and see what treasures you can find.

32. Go fishing. Who says fishing is just for the guys? Find a local fishing hole and spend an afternoon casting a line. 

33. Play a board game. There are plenty of games that are perfect for a mother-daughter afternoon. You can even take the game to a local coffee shop or park to make the time more special. 

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