Hoorah for Hebrew

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187For Jewish parents, Passover is a prime time to teach kids about Jewish songs, food and tradition. Best not let the recent holidays momentum fade–get your kids hooked on OyBaby 2 straight away. Featuring 15 kid-friendly Hebrew songs, the winter-released CD promises hours of sing-along bonding for adults and kids. The DVD version features the same songs paired to very simple imagery such as nature scenes, montages of kids playing and prancing puppets. (P.S. You’ll dig the puppet with the mustache, he rules.)

The songs are catchy, especially “Tumbalalaika,” and any adult who went to Hebrew school as a kid will get a kick out of the vocabulary that’s tossed around between songs. This is the second product from Mercer Island-based OyBaby company; OyBaby 1 sold over 6,000 copies and parents still can’t get its great rendition of “Dayenu” out of their heads. Well, at least it’s not a Barney song, right?

OyBaby 2 CD and DVD available for $34.90 through:
Appropriate for ages 6 months through 5 years.