It may have been Stan Lee who penned, “with great power comes great responsibility,” but moms live this truth daily. Whether it’s heading a start up, running errands or coaching our sidekick’s weekend soccer game (or all of the above!), moms really do do it all. Flip through to meet 13 Seattle moms who prove you don’t need to wear a cape to have super powers.

Dr. Tanisha Brandon-Felder, Director of Equity & Family Engagement, Shoreline School District
Tanisha, mom to two sons, Delvonte (22) and Lonzell (21) she and her husband Donté adopted 11 years ago, and two IVF babies, Bayje (9) and Alexia, spent many years in the classroom, upping her teaching game, before heading back to school herself to earn her doctorate. It’s been a little over a year since people started calling her “Dr. Brandon-Felder.” And in that time she’s moved out of the classroom and into an administrative position with the Shoreline School District, where she now examines policies, procedures and practices to make sure “all students are getting what they need to succeed.”

In her spare time, Tanisha writes. Her self-published young adult novel, From a Caterpillar to a Butterfly was released in 2008, and is a point of pride for this busy mom. When it comes to family adventures, Tanisha says travel tops their list. The magic that comes with seeing and experiencing new things through her daughter’s eyes is a big reason why getting out and about holds such appeal for them.

Power Mom Pearl: For Tanisha, “family is number one. I work to live, not live to work. Without quality time with my family I would be lost….When I walk through my front door, I am home 100%.”

photo: April Smith


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—Allison Sutcliffe

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