It may have been Stan Lee who penned, “with great power comes great responsibility,” but moms live this truth daily. Whether it’s heading a start up, running errands or coaching our sidekick’s weekend soccer game (or all of the above!), moms really do do it all. Flip through to meet 13 Seattle moms who prove you don’t need to wear a cape to have super powers.

Amy HyunAh Pak, Founding Executive Director, Families of Color Seattle
As the visionary leader and Founding Executive Director of Families of Color Seattle (FOCS), Amy Pak credits a “network of superwomen” who have helped to grow the grassroots, non-profit organization over the past few years. What started in 2010 as a monthly potluck meeting of just 10 families has become the go-to group to train and consult on issues of undoing racism, teaching anti-bias and providing tools that ensure educational equity, for preschools, elementary schools and other organizations around the city. The group also provides parenting programs, cultural arts classes, shares resources and facilitates dialogues about race and family for community members. This past year Amy and her staff, along with 60 volunteers and 10 amazing sponsors, were able to rock a First Annual concert party at the Nectar Lounge that featured musicians of color playing to over 250 parents and 150 kids. We can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store!

Amy did all of this with while raising two dynamic boys, Jayhoo (7), whose name means “freedom” in Korean, and Asa (4), whose name means “morning” in Japanese and "awesome" in Korean. And when it comes to doing it all, Amy admits that, like many of us, she hasn’t “mastered this one yet.” But she credits her feminist partner for his part in being the best parent and father to their kids, and for cooking and cleaning more than she does because he loves to see her “soar working for families.” Together, these two superheroes love to hit the beach, bike, dance, garden and sing made up Konglish (that’s Korean/English) songs with their kiddos.

Power Mom Pearl: “We are a family whose core values are rooted in our community, global music and cultural arts as vehicles for social change. We are community change makers and educators for liberation for children and families.”

photo: Bo Kim


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—Allison Sutcliffe

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