Party Heart-y: 9 Ideas for an Awesome Valentine’s Day Bash

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Valentine’s Day is a low-pressure holiday for the kiddos. All the day really requires is giving and receiving cards and candy. What a tough life, right? To make the day extra special (cards and candy included, of course), we’ve come up with some great ideas for your Valentine’s Day bash. Whether you’re planning a party for a class of preschoolers, your own kids, or just want to kick playtime up a notch this February, here are some perfect ways to enjoy some sweets and silliness with your loved ones.

  • Valentine Invitation: Making it formal? Send a heart-shaped invitation. Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Valentine’s Day is for Friends, And That Means You! Add in all party deets below.
  • H-E-A-R-T: Play Valentine bingo, using candy hearts as markers.
  • Valentine Adventure: Why should Easter eggs have all the fun? Hide paper valentines around the house or park and go on a valentine hunt.
  • Mad LUVS: Got an older crowd? Do a Mad Libs! It can just take a few minutes to pen your own story and leave some blanks, where everyone can practice their parts of speech. Got a bunch? Divide into groups of 3 or 4, do the Mad Lib and come together to read them all aloud.
  • Riddle me this: Tell some Valentine’s riddles and laugh your hearts out! Click here for some sweet riddles you’ll want to print out for your loves.
  • Heart Smart Lunch or Snack: Make heart shaped quesadillas, sandwiches or pizzas.
  • Musical Valentines: You remember this game, and it is a surprising crowd pleaser! Cut out big hearts, one less than however many kids you have. Play an upbeat song and then hit pause. Who is “heartless?” Make them feel better by letting them be in charge of the music on the next round!

  • Red Hot: Check out these great ideas easy and fun valentine crafts.
  • Sweet Ending: Let the kiddos decorate their own cake pops or have a make-your-own sundae bar. Toppings could include red hots, colored sprinkles, pink marshmallows, red-and-pink colored candies and, of course, candy hearts!–

What will be the highlight of your Valentine’s party?

— Cathie Ericson

Photos courtesy of Dena Clavier, Rhonda McRae, and Kristy Natwick

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