Okay, so maybe there aren’t any snake pits or rolling boulders but Geocaching—a GPS stash hunting activity—isn’t your average game of hide and seek, either. Set your crew up for “missions” including on-site word games and coordinates needing to be decrypted, all in hopes of finding tiny treasures at the end. From bat caves to fun historical and scientific facts, don your leather hat à la Indiana Jones and discover the most engaging, all-natural geocache spots below.

Night of a Thousand Bats – Sauta Cave – National Wildlife Refuge, Al

The experience of seeing hundred of thousands of bats flying out of a limestone cave is the prize geocachers CaverScott & CaverJules are offering at this find. One family delighted their daughter of four with a unique sight of federally endangered Gray and Indiana bats fluttering like butterflies. If your little ones are going to stay up past bedtime, this is exactly how they should do it.

Online: geocaching.com

photo: Jennifer Krauel

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