Okay, so maybe there aren’t any snake pits or rolling boulders but Geocaching—a GPS stash hunting activity—isn’t your average game of hide and seek, either. Set your crew up for “missions” including on-site word games and coordinates needing to be decrypted, all in hopes of finding tiny treasures at the end. From bat caves to fun historical and scientific facts, don your leather hat à la Indiana Jones and discover the most engaging, all-natural geocache spots below.

What in the World Cache? – Maine, USA

The location of this cache remains vague because it’s such a popular spot that many people visit. For budding globe trotters who have yet to visit all the countries in the world, this cache will definitely be their favorite. It might also be as close as one can get to seeing how earth looks and moves from outer space.

Online: geocaching.com

photo: Matt Carman via flickr

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