Okay, so maybe there aren’t any snake pits or rolling boulders but Geocaching—a GPS stash hunting activity—isn’t your average game of hide and seek, either. Set your crew up for “missions” including on-site word games and coordinates needing to be decrypted, all in hopes of finding tiny treasures at the end. From bat caves to fun historical and scientific facts, don your leather hat à la Indiana Jones and discover the most engaging, all-natural geocache spots below.

Tour of the Totem Poles – Ketchikan, Ak

If you like a little math play, complete AheaKali’s “Tour of the Totem Poles.” The coordinates lead searchers to a small park in downtown Ketchikan, where they’ll answer questions to find the exact location of your prize. Hot tip: It’s said that if you rub the belly of the bottom figure at the Chief Kyan Totem pole, money will pass through your hands within 24 hours.

Online: geocaching.com

photo: torybrown via flickr

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