Why You’ll Dig Geocaching (& 14 Stunning Destinations to Get Your Start)

Okay, so maybe there aren’t any snake pits or rolling boulders but Geocaching—a GPS stash hunting activity—isn’t your average game of hide and seek, either. Set your crew up for “missions” including on-site word games and coordinates needing to be decrypted, all in hopes of finding tiny treasures at the end. From bat caves to fun historical and scientific facts, don your leather hat à la Indiana Jones and discover the most engaging, all-natural geocache spots below.

Bridges – Prague, Czech Republic

As the most visited geocache in the world, this is the best place to jump start budding geocachers. This cache can be done as a brisk walk through the city, where sights and sounds will capture any toddler’s awe and attention. If only Prague was easier to get to! Remember to turn on Google Translate when visiting this geocache page.

Online: geocaching.com

photo: Matt Churchill via flickr

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